Saturday and blowing a gale

More of the blossom is on the floor than on the tree

Not only is the magnolia blossom on the floor but large amounts are in the pond as well so I had a nice fishing session yesterday but the wind has picked up over night and I think it may have proved a complete waste of time.  We seem to be having the March winds and April showers all in one week.  I took the dogs for a good run yesterday but ended up having a battle of wills with Basso who seems to have got the idea that he is in charge. WRONG!!!

My plans to buy a sirloin steak on the way home were shelved as I found a couple of pheasant breasts in the freezer and decided they would be nice cooked in Hal [the halogen oven] wrapped in bacon and doused with some Marsala.  I then converted the cauliflower into Dubarry soup which I served with crushed crispy bacon and chives for supper.  Today I have a joint of breast of veal which I am going to slow roast and hopefully have plenty for serving cold.  It should be delicious with a tuna sauce in the classic Italian dish "Vitello tonnato" except I don't have a tin of tuna so that had better go on the shopping list.
Now for a bit of good news while reading the local free paper yesterday Mike spotted that the council have reinstated the free swimming for old farts.  I am delighted as I used to enjoy my early morning swim and dog walk and with the summer approaching it will be a good way to get a bit of exercise.  The best bit is that I can go early in the morning and have it all over by the time Mike is out of bed.

Today I would really like to get the green house pressure washed as time is getting short and Mark is due on Tuesday when I hope he will dig it over and put some new compost in ready for the tomato plants which I intend to buy later this month.  It is a really messy job and I always get absolutely soaked so it is not something I approach with pleasure but I can't put it off much longer.  With this in mind I had better get on and prepare the joint so that I can have a couple of hours free to do the deed.

If I get it all done I will treat myself to a long hot soak in the bath followed by a couple of hours doing the general knowledge crossword puzzle - there now, that should be incentive enough to get me started!!!!!

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