Pinch punch first of the month!!!!

Nice spring colour in the garden

Yesterday's high winds have caused a snow storm with the magnolia and I will have to have a fishing session to remove the petals from the pond.  First thing I decided to make a batch of welsh cakes which is something I remember my grandmother doing but I have not made myself.  They are very simple and were a great bonus with our cup of coffee before we went shooting.  I had left Mike some bacon to have a bacon sandwich but he chose instead to finish off the welsh cakes.  Jeff and Shiona were really disappointed!!! so I guess I will have to make sure I have a big batch ready for next time sadly I never even got a look in so I can only go on the comments of the others.

My express purpose on this shooting trip was to try and sort out my eyes - well what a revelation that turned out to be.  To explain briefly if I see a clay directly in front of me I need to shoot a foot to the right of it to hit it which is really weird.  Clays crossing from right to left I need to shoot straight at and those from left to right I need to be about 4 foot ahead of.  Now this all take a bit of working out and no wonder I was consistently missing in the same place.  My next move is to go and see the optician and see if all is well with my vision and perhaps get an explanation of why this is happening.  Anyway at least I feel a bit more positive as to why I have been having such a bad time recently.
It was extremely windy down near the river at Dartford and we finally got home at about 3pm having had a toasted bacon and egg sandwich for lunch at the club house.  The guns were cleaned and beers drunk then Shiona and Jeff made their way home.  I was very tired but it was too late for a sleep so I battled on but needless to say I fell asleep very early in the evening so I am up bright and early this morning.

For supper last night we had the lamb stew that I had made earlier in the week and it was worth all the effort of allowing it to get cold and removing both the bone and the fat.  As yet I have not made a menu for today but I have a cauliflower and some leeks which need using up between now and Tuesday when my vegetable box is delivered.  I also have a big bag of rocket which I fancy in a salad with the last of the borlotti bean I grew and froze last year.  The hot pepperyness of the rocket is lovely against the soft sweet creamy beans and the addition of a clove of garlic makes the whole thing magical.  The addition of a sirloin steak would complete the meal very nicely but that will mean a trip to the butcher which I can easily combine with a dog walk.

For the first time yesterday the hens laid an egg each which means we are now up to 4 per day instead of 3 which is also good news especially as I have given away a dozen eggs this week.  I gave Jane half a dozen and also half a dozen to Jeff.

James rang me in the evening to give me a run down on how his course is going and he seems to be coping well though he does lack confidence in his own ability.  Still that is better than being over confident and falling flat on your face.  I am now fully conversant with the theft act and all its implications!!!!!  I suppose one of the advantages of children is that as much as they learn from you so you also learn from them.

That about it for today I think we are in for a windy but warm day with no rain forecast so good dog walking weather.
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