Mothering Sunday

James the youngest is coming home today - this was him in 1982 in a school photo, he is a big boy now!!!

Yesterday, was a day of partial success, I got my act together early and as soon as it was light enough I headed up to the greenhouse with the pressure washer only to discover that the pistol grip had broken and I was reduced to washing the glass down with a brush and the pressure hose.  Needless to say I got even wetter than usual but at least the job was done.  I also gave the chicken run a bit of a blast so that too is in better condition.  Once Mike was up and about he went and bought a new pistol grip and lance so the pressure washer now works properly but all too late for me.  I then went and had a good shower and warmed myself up as it was pretty chilly being soaking wet.  All my clothes got put in the washing machine and two loads dried beautifully on the line.  This morning the machine is full of sheets which I hope will also dry in the breeze and I can get stuck in to the ironing from yesterdays loads.

For lunch I cooked the breast of veal which we had with leeks and potatoes and there is enough left for lunch today with the tuna sauce.  However, I am clean out of fresh vegetables all I have in store are some carrots onions and celery so I have taken out the last of the borlotti beans which will make a nice salad to accompany the veal.  I may yet make a run to Tesco for some extras....

My neighbour who is off to New Zealand next month is clearing out her house and came upon a set of electric hair clippers for the dogs which she has kindly donated along with a huge supply of poo bags from the days when she too had 3 dogs.  She is going to rent out her house unfurnished so as you can imagine she has her work cut out getting rid of things she doesn't want shipped out and given that it takes 12 weeks to get there it is all very difficult.  We are going to miss her terribly as she has been the very best of neighbours and I will now need to find someone else to keep an eye on the hens while we are away.  Her fish have settled down nicely in our pond but have stirred up a lot of sludge and the pump is blocking up rather faster than usual so that is on my list of jobs for today.  I had hoped to go shooting this morning but I think I will have too much to do but you never know if I get on with things I may yet have time.

Joy, I am really glad that you are finding Handy Andy a good companion and hope the chicken is OK mine was really nice and very moist.  I did roasties with my duck and moved them up high for the last few minutes to crisp up nicely while the duck rested.

Anne, you are right Tonbridge is in my direction I used to work nearby just outside Tunbrige Wells in a village called Pembury.  However, they are all about an hour by car from home so not that close.

Have a good day all and enjoy the lovely spring weather.......
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