Monday morning

Yesterday was a really successful day, James was up at the crack of dawn which is now a habit for him  and so after some coffee and home made hot cross buns we pottered off up the garden and got all the tomatoes, lettuces and runner beans planted.  The lettuce and tomato are in the green house but I have planted the runner bean seeds directly where they are to grow which will allow them to prosper without the usual stop when they are transplanted.  I have also reinstalled the irrigation system in the green house which is set to give the whole thing 10 minutes of water every 24 hours at about 7pm when the sun has gone over.  Tonight I will have a walk up there and check that it is working OK then I can just leave it to do it's own thing.  However the plants out doors will need watering if this dry spell last much longer.
While we were gardening James went and checked for eggs and disturbed one of the hens who was in the process - well you should have heard the noise - she was very put out and was going to let everyone know just how she felt.  James did apologise but to no avail the screaming and squawking continued until she ran out of gas!!!
We then headed off to the woods for an early walk with the dogs thinking we were being clever getting it done bright and early only to find the everyone else had had the same idea and the woods were quite crowded with dog walkers.  The dogs didn't mind there were plenty of mates to play with and great chasing and sniffing to be done.  Then it was home to get the lunch under way it is quite a feat to get it all ready and hot and perfectly cooked at the same time.  I ended up with both ovens and Hal going full tilt anyway it all turned out fine and we had quite a feast.  Supper was less elaborate and we just ate bits and pieces and a good wodge of asparagus with buerre noisette.  The season is only some 6 weeks long so you have to get your fill in that time.....but once it is over then come the English strawberries.

Today I am going to make a cold beef salad with finely sliced onions and capers and a vinaigrette dressing which we will have with some panzanella.  As soon as it is light I have some peas to plant.  This is an experiment - I have a packet of dried peas which I think must be the commercial variety and so do not require staking or netting so I am going to just plant them and see what happens.  They could end up just making a tasty meal for either the mice or the pigeons or may fail completely.  Anyway nothing ventured nothing gained.

I have no real plans for the day it will just be a quiet pottering day - with the good weather the roads will be hell.  I am reminded of some Canadian relative who were staying with us when we lived in Surrey and they made plans to DO CORNWALL on August bank holiday Monday and couldn't understand our obvious amusement.  We informed them that they would be lucky to even get to Cornwall let alone DO it.  I suppose the distance looked a mere trifle to them but they had no idea what our traffic was like.....
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