Monday morning

The dogs won the day yesterday and it was a walk for them rather than shooting for me.  We went fairly early and to a place not many people know about which meant we were able to walk quietly with out too much holiday traffic on the paths. At the end of the walk is an old scrap yard at "Bloors Warf" which has been demolished but as you can see by the photo the concrete base has been left intact.  It is an ideal place for the dogs to run and wear down their claws.  They also love the paddling pool which collects in the right hand corner.  It is a good place to walk at low tide as they don't have easy access to the river mud which is an irresistible magnet for dogs.

Back home it was a case of pottering in the garden - Mike has put a treatment into the pond which is supposed to get rid of blanket weed but unfortunately it turns the water to what looks like milk and you cannot see the fish at all.  Hopefully it will clear during the week and we will see if it attacks the weed which is clinging to the sides of the pond.

Although it was sunny the temperature was right down and the wind was very cold.  We have not had any significant rain for ages so we are having to get some water on the garden which is drying out in the wind and according to the weather forecast we are due to stay dry for most of the week.

I must admit to feeling very lethargic and lacking in energy lately you would have thought the good weather would have invigorated me but not the case which is all very boring.  I think I need a good kick in the backside to get me going...Any volunteers!!!!

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