Monday and very early

There I was sound asleep when I was rudely awakened by the sound of a small animal shrieking I think it must have been a fox.  My three brave guard dogs were also sound asleep and oblivious to the noise!!!yet the sound of someone at the front door sends them into paroxysms of barking.  Only Basso is silent he doesn't bark unless it is really necessary, such as when I am about to put his food down and I may get distracted and forget to ever feed him again!!!!!!
This morning I have an appointment at the opticians and I am going to try and quiz him about eye dominance which is proving to be such a problem when shooting.  I am wondering if having one plastic and normal lens is what is making the difference.  Anyway, if anyone should know the answer it should be him.  Watch this space and I will let you know how I get on.
Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day with wall to wall sunshine.  I even had to get the hose out and put some water on my newly planted seeds, however, I never did get round to planting out the sweet peas.  I got sidetracked in the kitchen and made a batch of hot cross buns which I had to quickly get into the freezer or we would have eaten the lot.  Yeast cookery is always very exciting as it is so unpredictable and timings are difficult, it is not ready until it is ready and that can be any time depending on the temperature.  I made us a nice risotto with the chicken stock and a good pinch of saffron which went down well for lunch and for supper we had a nice piece of rump steak with a raw courgette salad.  The steak was cooked rare, being rump it would be tough and the more you cook it the tougher it gets but the flavour is divine.  It would be really wonderful if you could combine the flavour of rump with the tenderness of fillet - I suppose the nearest is sirloin which is about half way. Talking of beef I think we are going to have a piece for Easter, personally I would prefer a nice leg of lamb but the men want beef as it comes with Yorkshire puddings.  I did mention that there was nothing to stop us having Yorkshire puddings with lamb but no they fancied beef so I guess that is what it will be.
My neighbour with the sick daughter is now back home and the daughter is fully recovered.  It seems that the whole family had had this virus but most had got over it the previous week.  Touch wood it is a very long time since I have had one of these bugs and as I didn't come into contact with the girl I should be safe from this one.  It is interesting how youngsters want to be independent but as soon as they are feeling ill it is Mum that is called for.
This is a photo of a pepper grinder that I have just polished using some new miracle polish that is supposed to last mush longer than others.  Well we will see!!!! I have stood it next to some Pringles to give an idea of size.  It was bought for me by my mother when she went to Cyprus for a holiday and I believe it is actually designed to grind coffee but it does the job with pepper very well.  Some 10 years ago it broke and we put it back together with araldite and since then I have been waiting for it to fail.  However my friend Angela is off to Turkey soon and asked me if there was anything I would like so I have asked her to look out for a replacement in case it finally gives up the ghost, hence the photograph.
Well that's about it for this morning it is still very early and know doubt I will be pole axed by lunch time.  Thank goodness I am retired and can slink off to bed when ever I choose......
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