Happy Easter all

Columnar cherry in full bloom

Sadly the photo was taken before the sun was fully up so it looks a bit dark.  I will try for a better shot today.  
Yesterday went well James arrived in plenty of time for lunch and promptly left to get a new back tyre for his bike.  That done we settled down to have a nice lunch of one of the cottage pies and some leeks.  Once that had settled we were off to Wateringbury to buy some tomato plants.  I bought 10 plants all of differing varieties ranging from small black cherry to huge beef and included a couple of nice tumblers for my window boxes.  I am hoping to get 5 down each side of the green house which should keep us in tomatoes for the whole summer.  I also bought a tray of lettuces and a packet of runner beans all of which will get planted over the next couple of days.  On the return journey we stopped off at a farm shop and bought a nice bunch of asparagus which we will have for supper today with some cold meats.  Lunch is the full roast beef with all the trimmings which I will get fully prepared so that there will be little to do when the time comes.  I was supposed to go shooting but there is too much to do to fit it in so I will have to wait until Wednesday when I hope both Jeff and Shiona will be coming over.  

It was really hot here yesterday with the temperature rising to about 25 degrees and hotter still if you were in the sun.  We noticed that the A/C in the car was not all it could be so we will have to get it re- gassed on the next service which is not far away.  The dogs noticed the heat and just mooched around Basso finding the coolest places to snooze.  He is very fond of the tiled floor in one corner of the kitchen that never gets the sun or the front porch which is also tiled and very sheltered from any direct sun.  Today is set to be just as hot so if they are to be walked it will need to be early and possibly in the woods where it is cooler.

In the post yesterday came the quarterly magazine from the Spinone club of Great Briton and there was my article in print!!! Pathetic I know but I was chuffed!!!! It was a run down of Basso's experiences from a dogs perspective which was fun to write and I hope humerus to read.  

Well that is about it for today potatoes to peel and Yorkshire pudding batter to make so I am off to the kitchen to get started.  Have a great day all.....

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