Good Friday morning

Dwarf lilac in full bloom but with the sun directly behind it not so easy to get a good photo.

Yesterday was another really beautiful day with wall to wall sunshine and very warm temperatures.  It seems only a very short while ago that it was freezing cold.  The vegetables are all going crazy and sadly we have started to water them as we have had no rain for quite a while.
I made us a nice quiche for lunch with the free asparagus and some smoked salmon pate that I had lurking about in the freezer.   I cooked it in Hal but was disappointed that the bottom of the pastry case was not as well cooked as I would have liked.  I have a bit of pastry left over so today I will make a couple of individual cheese and onion flans for lunch but I think I will use the conventional oven and hope for better results.  For dinner we had a Barnsley chop each with yet more of the asparagus this time Hal did a brilliant job and the chops were perfectly cooked.  The simnel cake is dwindling as, if I say so myself, it is absolutely delicious but I am only too aware of how rich in calories it is.  I think I would have to run to Brighton and back to wear off just one slice!!!!
This morning I am hoping to meet up with Elaine and go for a dog walk before the temperature rises too much.  I must admit that I wilt a little in the mid day heat and prefer the mornings and evenings when the temperature is a bit kinder.  My silly back has been playing up lately which has somewhat hampered my gardening ambitions and I am forced to watch the weeds grow along side the plants.  I really do need a concerted effort with the weeds before they turn to seed and cause havoc.  I may have a swing by B&Q and invest in some spray weed killer which will be easier on my back.  That is assuming they are open on a bank holiday...
It has just become light and we have a slight mist over the garden which no doubt means another hot sunny day.  As usual I have a pile of ironing to keep me amused for a little while and I have plenty of brass and copper that needs polishing so that is another gentle quiet job I could be getting on with. [not one I enjoy :( ]  Well with that in mind I guess I had better make a start and get it all out of the way nice and early.

Have a great day what ever you have planned.....
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