Friday morning

What a difference a bit of sunshine makes - I whistled through my to-do list.  The rabbit pies are now in the freezer along with a lamb stew and today I am going to make loads of cheese sauce which will end up as macaroni and cauliflower cheese.  As usual with all the cooking I had forgotten that we also needed lunch so it was a case of cold sausage sandwiches and for dinner we had some fish fingers cooked in Hal with a large salad with a hot potato in it.

The chickens got a good clean out and are now on fresh bedding which is made of shredded newspaper. we were advised against using straw as it harbours pathogens and I must admit that we have not had any disease problems with the hens.  The base of the house has wood shavings to absorb moisture and muck which is then transferred to the compost heap on a weekly basis.

With all the extra fish and the magnolia dropping petals in the pond the pump is blocking at regular intervals so that too got a good clean out yesterday.  Mike was feeling a little better so he too pottered about in the garden and got the canes sorted for the greenhouse and also for the sweet peas which Jeff has grown from seed.

Today I would like to get a bit of weeding done before things get out of hand I notice that some of the dandelions are already in flower so they really don't need to go to seed.  "one years seeding is seven years weeding" my other favourite gardening motto is "never let a weed see a Monday" not that I manage to adhere to it very often but I do try to have a very good weeding session early in the year before things get too bad.

As I am up particularly early this morning I think I should get the cooking out of the way by the time it gets light so I can then devote my energy, while it lasts, to the garden and make the most of this period of good weather.  I had intended to start swimming again this week but some how I haven't got round to sorting out my costume and stuff so perhaps next week.  In the mean time I am off to bash the pots and pans!!!
Have a good one and enjoy the sunshine....
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