Friday morning and there goes another week!

With the water restored I was able to finish giving the bench and give it a good clean, I also managed to get a coat of boiled linseed oil on the table top which is drying in the garage and will hopefully be ready for a second coat this morning.

Shiona and Jeff arrived at the usual time and after coffee and pleasantries we set off for Dartford in Jeff's car.  Mike had decided to stay at home so he needed our car to run a few errands.  When we arrived at the skeet stands we discovered that it looked like a building site.  They were trying to move a large cabin which had been lifted on to the back of a large lorry with a crane but the lorry had then got stuck and dug itself into some really deep ruts.  By the time we had finished our round of shooting they had taken the cabin off the lorry and were trying to fill in the ruts with a JCB.  This was going to require some more thought and a lorry with much bigger wheels to spread the load.  Anyway, we had had a good time shooting and watching the mayhem.  We didn't get home until 2pm by which time everyone was starving hungry so as the guns got cleaned I busied myself in the kitchen and put my macaroni cheese in Hal to get hot and to brown the top.  A tomato salad was made to accompany it and by the time the guns were done the food was ready.  For once I had made a desert of rhubarb and ginger with cream which went down very well.
We then had great fun converting Tesco vouchers ready to book a channel crossing on the Euro tunnel.  This is by far the cheapest way to make the crossing as £10 of Tesco vouchers equates to £30 towards the tunnel crossing.  The only problem is the time it takes to organise and send the vouchers to and fro.
That done it was time to get the dog clippers out and give them a go.  Mary as the smallest dog was selected as the guinea pig.  We now appreciate that it takes quite a bit of skill to use the clippers well and poor Mary looks like the dog on the 'SpecSavers' advert that has been sheared along with the sheep.  Let's put it this way she will not be winning any prizes for quite some time while her coat grows back.
Today I have no specific plans other than getting the table painted with its second coat and doing a spot of ironing.  However as the day progresses no doubt I will find a few more things to occupy my time.
The weather yesterday was pretty chilly and dull but it was fabulous to drive through the Kent countryside as the blossom is all in full swing.  Everything is about 2 weeks ahead of schedule despite the harsh winter.  Now all we need is the wind to stay away for long enough for the fruit to be pollinated and we may get a bumper crop.  This is when I miss my bees the most :o(
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