The white camellia is doing its thing but the red one is a couple of weeks behind which is a pity as they would look really good in bloom together.

Yesterday was really miserable as far as the weather was concerned it drizzled the whole day.  Mike took himself off to do the shopping while I played in the kitchen.  The hens just sat around getting wet instead of taking shelter so I put them to bed early.
I have woken up this morning, after a fitful night, feeling very nauseated with cramping stomach ache.  I have no idea where this has come from as I certainly haven't eaten anything to cause it.  I do hope I am not coming down with some viral thing.  I think perhaps copious water is in order to wash the system out or perhaps some bicarb might settle things down.  Shiona is coming to visit tomorrow and I am supposed to be cooking a duck but that really doesn't fill me with joy at the moment.  The kitchen is a bit of tip so I think I had better go and make a bit of order there first and hope that the sickness subsides.
The temperature outside is down to 0 degrees with a light frost so it is going to be a cold one today however the sky is clear so it may warm up later when the sun is fully up.
Sorry to be a bit feeble today but I do feel pretty rotten......

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