Wednesday morning

3am a bit to early even for me!!  I was woken by what sounded like a dog scratching at my door but when I got up and checked there was no one there.  That then set me thinking and wondering what the noise could have been which of course put pay to sleeping.  I can only think that I dreamed the noise as all the dogs are fast asleep and so is Mike so it is a mystery.

Yesterday was a good productive day in the kitchen I finished off a lamb stew and made some mince for mince and potatoes then I got stuck in to making fish pies.  In the end I made 6 individual pies and 2 large ones.  I decided to freeze them without the potato topping which I will add this morning as it is much easier to put the top on a solid base then a little grated cheese and they can go back in the freezer.  While all this was going on I had some short ribs of veal in the oven slowly cooking for supper.  I had given them a coating of rosemary, butter, garlic and lemon zest and a big slosh of white wine so as you can imagine the gravy was to die for.  I used it to dress some pasta and have sufficient left for a repeat performance today.  It is quite common in Italy to dress pasta with the meat juices from a veal roast, it brought back memories of youth as it is something I haven't done for ages.
So far the weather has held, we haven't seen any rain as yet and from the look of the forecast I had better get the dogs walked this morning as the rain should be with us by lunch time and I am sure I will be needing a siesta by then.  Mikes chest seems to be improving but very slowly - things take so much longer to heal the older you get but I think a dose of "night nurse" has given him a much better nights sleep with fewer bouts of coughing.
We were due to go shooting today but cancelled as we expected rain and have decided to go tomorrow so lets hope we have got the timing right - it is no fun shooting in the rain.  I am itching to try shooting with one eye covered to see if that helps me.  I shot really badly the last time with Roger but I think that was because I was feeling quite unwell at the time.  What ever virus has hit us seems to have left me much less debilitated than Mike or perhaps it is just that I am 10 years younger.
Well I think I may as well get on with boiling the potatoes for the pies and get them finished off and back into the freezer.
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