Wednesday morning and out go the bins

Yesterday turned into a bit of a topsy turvy day with the plans not quite working out.  I went over to the shooting school and Roger eventually turned up with my trophy.  I had put on my heavier jacket which as it turned out was very much the wrong choice as it became quite hot and humid in the sun.  After much frustrating shooting we eventually decided to check my eyes only to discover that my eye dominance has changed and I now appear to have central vision which is about the worst thing for shotgun shooting so I don't know what to do about that.  I think I will just have to practice until I learn how to compensate for the distortion.   Anyway, enough of all that - Mike was feeling under the weather so after a very mediocre sandwich we set off for home.  Fortunately I had got some meatballs and tomato sauce out of the freezer so supper was just a case of boiling some pasta and dressing a salad.
Shiona phoned me to tell me her halogen oven had arrived just 24 hours after she ordered it and I was able to tell her of a rather nice trick I had discovered that morning.  I had buttered a piece of bread and put it close to the heat source to toast which made a most interesting variation it was like fried bread but not as greasy and much crisper than toast.  Ideal for either marmalade or a poached egg.   Jane had also phoned to say she was having problems with her eldest son and could she come today instead, well it makes no difference to me, so she is coming this morning and no doubt we will be regaled with all the details of what he has been up to.  She is having a really hard time with her older children at the moment as they have both decided to come home having left some years ago.
The weather this morning is very misty and only 4 degrees so it is pretty cold but the garden is looking very nice with most of the plants beginning to burst forth in bloom or at least in leaf.  My apricot tree is smothered in blossom so if the bees do their thing I may well get a decent crop this year.  I must admit I really miss having my own bees but I am sure that I made the right decision in getting rid of them.
On the menu today is leek and potato soup which is yet to be made but I have some wonderful duck stock for that an then for supper I have a piece of belly of pork which I am going to roast with anchovies and chestnuts as shown by Clarissa Dixon Wright on the TV the other night.  I have done lamb with anchovies in the past and that has worked very well so I am hoping this too will be just deeply savoury rather than fishy.
As you can see the trophy is solid silver "plastic" but I am chuffed none the less.  Given my eye dominance problems it is a wonder I ever hit anything.....

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