Wednesday morning and bin day

The temperature is warmer but it is like living on the bottom of the ocean here, we have been shrouded in thick mist for the whole day.  Not even the merest glimmer of sun shine to brighten proceedings.  I took to the kitchen in desperation and got stuck in to making a few bits and pieces.  I made a batch of pasties, formally known as Cornish pasties.  The excess onion and potato got sautéed with a small tin of corned beef for lunch.  Once my fish had been delivered I made up the parts for a kedgeree for supper tonight and also prepared the mussels which we had last night.  The two lovely Dover soles are in the freezer and will make a nice meal for Mike and I some other time.  The chicken stock is now in the fridge awaiting its fate but it has been cleared of fat so I could now freeze it.  The veg box arrived and the beetroots have been boiled so this morning I can make a beetroot and chocolate cake which I will divide in half to stop us from eating it all!!!!

Mark arrived with the two bamboo plants which are going to look lovely once they have been planted.  At the moment they are still in their pots which means we can move them around until we have got them into the best position before they are finally put in the ground.  I whistled round the garden with my newly acquired poop scoop and cleared it in minutes, that was £20 well spent and makes the job a breeze.

I also booked us in for two weeks holiday at our usual camp-site in Suffolk.  One week at the end of May and another in mid July.  The July date is organised to coincide with the Labrador weekend that we attended last year and had such good fun we are determined to go again this year.  There is a possibility that Sandi and one or two of her Labradors might come with us.  Next I will have to organise baby sitters for the chickens and I may leave the two terriers with Len and Margaret which will make my life a lot easier.  We are due to have lunch out with them tomorrow so I will broach the subject then.  It is not a disaster if I have to take them it is just easier with one dog instead of three and gives us a bit more space in the van.  As you can imagine Basso takes up quite a bit of room!!!

Today I am off shooting with Jeff but sadly I can't show off my newly acquired trophy as I don't have it yet so I had better just shoot exceptionally well.  I have taken some fish pies out of the freezer for lunch and a slice of the chocolate cake with a dash of cream should make a rather good meal.  It is my intention to cook the cake in the new halogen oven so we will have to see how well it works.  Until now I have only used it for savoury dishes which have all been successful but think cakes are the real test of an oven.  That said I am off to peel the beets and dispose of the mussel shells before the bin men arrive.  Have a good day and lets hope for some sun today.....
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