Wednesday morning and bin day

Oh wasn't it cold yesterday?  I wrapped up for my foray into the garden and realised that the wind was bitter and blowing straight from Siberia.  Once Jane was under way and Mark had not turned up we decided to take the dogs for a run and swing by the butcher on the way back.  I dithered about putting on a hat and decided that it was not that cold - wrong - I had parked in a sheltered place and once I was in the teeth of the gale I realised my mistake. The wind was whipping up white horses on the river and waves were crashing on the beach.  There was nothing for it but to stride it out and get back to the car as soon as possible.  The dogs didn't seem to notice that they were without their big winter coats and took it all in their stride.  We called in at the butcher on the way back and I bought us each a goose egg for supper as well as some mince to make bolognese sauce with.  The eggs were pretty pricey at £1.39 each but when you think it is enough for a meal it doesn't seem so bad.
The goose egg fits rather well into the espresso cups

When I last spoke to Shiona she was keen to go shooting but I have not heard from her so I think she has decided that it is too cold and I must agree - it's no fun if you are frozen!!!  Mark rang to say that he will be coming tomorrow so that will spread the load a little and I can get organised today.  I have mountains of laundry to be getting on with so that will keep me out of mischief.  I have an oxtail type stew made with the veal tails which is very nice but lacks the depth of flavour you get with more mature meat so I think it will be used more like a bolognese sauce once I have taken the bones out.  Which means the mince is now redundant so it will go in the freezer for some other time.  
As you may have noticed I have been doing a lot of cooking lately - this is no accident - I have been beside myself with worry and find cooking a relief.  James my youngest has been waiting for a start date for the police college at Hendon for over three years and finally his turn has arrive.  A cause for celebration you would think but he is in no fit state to do the physical tests as he is suffering from whiplash after some woman in a 4x4 wrote his car off for him.  Today is the day of the test and as you can imagine I am typing with my fingers crossed.  I am hoping that the adrenalin will carry him through the pain as he is pretty determined.  The timing of this couldn't have been worse and we are pretty sure that this will be the last intake before the cuts take effect so it is kind of do or die.  If he were to fail he would be devastated and picking up the pieces will no doubt fall to me...It is at times like this that I wish I were a believer as I could at least pray - instead I cook.....

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