Tuesday morning

There are times when things fall just right and yesterday was one of those days.  In the morning I telephoned an aerial engineer to come and give us an estimate to move our TV aerial to the other side of the chimney so that the pigeons that roost on it don't use the solar panels as a toilet.  He arrived at just after 12pm,  minutes after I had got back form my dog walking and shopping trip.  The estimate was reasonable so we asked him to go ahead which he did immediately and while he was on the roof a new cable box Mike had ordered for his TV also arrived so the very nice aerial guy installed it for us.  Now how lucky was that!!!! Mike can now watch his TV in glorious HD so he is a very happy bunny.

While I was out with the dogs I had very nearly come a cropper.  I had put all three dogs on leads as I approached the car park, Nip and Tuc are on a brace lead and Basso on a slip lead but as we rounded the final corner Basso spotted a group of pigeons and lunged in their direction the terriers ran through my legs tangling their lead round me and pinning me to the spot.  Fortunately someone told me many years ago that you never put your hand through the loop of the lead which meant I was able to release both leads and remain vertical but only just!!!! Now as I have probably mentioned I have real trouble grooming Basso he absolutely hates it and fights me all the way.  However, yesterday I stood him on the  garden table which he seems to think is a grooming table where he stood still as I brushed the tangles out of his legs - it's a miracle.

The big batch of towels that I washed dried to perfection on the line in what I believe is the last of the glorious sunshine for a while so you see everything went according to plan.  It was a very good day!!!!
The rain is due to arrive this afternoon so I had better get any outdoor jobs done this morning while it is still dry.

While I was shopping I bought some neck of lamb which is in the process of making a stew, I like to leave it for a while so the fat rises and sets and can be removed and I can remove the bones from the meat.  It is easier to do with neck fillet but the flavour is better when the meat is cooked on the bone.  This morning I will finish it off by adding the vegetables.  I also have some veal ribs which I intend to slow roast in the oven for supper tonight, for lunch we have one of the pasties I made a while back.  The butcher is hoping to have some ox cheek available on Thursday so I will have to pop in and buy some as it makes the most wonderful stew/pie and is less expensive than dog meat.  The butcher was moaning that the restaurant chefs have discovered this cut and it is getting harder to find.

Joy, many congratulations on the purchase of the halogen oven I don't think you will be disappointed and you will have great fun experimenting with it.  It takes a bit of getting used to as it is so quick but I have been delighted with the results.  Yesterday, I bought some round foil tins which will fit inside really well and will be ideal for dishes for 3-4 people rather than the individual dishes I use for Mike and I.

Today I need to get an order in to the fish monger as I am clean out of fish pies so it is time to make another batch.  The last batch I made I flavoured with dill but the parsley ones were definitely better so I will stick to that in future.

Well that's about it for this morning time I got under-way before the Jane arrives!!!!
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