Tuesday morning

I am up much later this morning which makes a pleasant change. It is already partially light and with the clocks going forward on the 27th it will be even lighter when I get up.  Yesterday was a sort of messy day, once I had cleaned out the hens we set off in convoy with Shiona to go to the gun shop where we restocked with cartridges.  This time I had my licence and so I could also buy cartridges for Shiona as well as my own.  By the time we got home it was time for lunch and I had taken out some of the pasties I had made so that was nice and easy.  I was still tired form the previous day so I went off for a snooze.  Mark the gardener was working close by and had a bit of time to spare so he came and planted the bamboos which look really lovely now that they are in the ground.  I love the height and the fact that just a breath of wind will make them move and rustle.  For dinner I experimented with the new halogen oven and a pair of Dover soles. The fish monger had skinned them so all I did was paint them with some melted butter and season them.  The halogen oven was put on full belt with a metal tray on the high rack once hot the Dovers were put in and were completely cooked in just under 10 minutes.  If I had tried to do this with my electric grill I would still be waiting for it to get hot.  We ate the fish with a nice green salad which made a lovely light evening meal.  The washing up was minimal with only the metal tray to be put in the dish washer so all in all a great success.  One thing I would point out to those who may be interested the smell from the cooker is minimal as there is no fat splash to burn and stink.  As you can see I am a real convert and very enthusiastic with this new toy.  Shiona was so impressed that she has gone straight home and ordered one for herself.
Today the wonderful Jane is due so the house will get a birthday which it does need as always and I have a small pile of ironing to keep me occupied this morning.  Then I am off to West Kent Shooting school to have a one to one session with Roger and hopefully iron out some of my shooting errors.  We will no doubt have a sandwich for lunch while we are there so for supper I have taken some meatballs and tomato sauce out of the freezer which we will have with some pasta and salad.

This little bit of sunshine works wonders I was suddenly filled with the desperate urge to clean all the kitchen windows and what a difference it does make - I hadn't realised just how filthy they were.  The double duvet from the dogs bed got put through the washing machine - it doesn't come out clean but at least is smells better to me if not to them.  Today it is the turn of our beds and the sheets will be outside in the sunshine drying which always makes them smell lovely.

On Sunday we sent off the quarterly numbers from the solar power generation so we will see how much money we will make given that this is the worst possible time for daylight hours from November to March.  Our electricity consumption has dropped by about half so we are saving money there too.   All in all a good investment I hope.

According to the weather forecast this fine weather is set to hold for the week so do make the most of it while it lasts......
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