Tuesday morning

Still freezing at -1 degree this morning but what a lovely day we had yesterday, wall to wall sunshine.  It really lifts the spirits but it shows every grain of dust, suddenly things you thought were clean look very grubby.  I knuckled down to pastry making and made the little mutton pies and with the left overs I made 4 small mutton pasties and 4 mince pies which finished up all the pastry.
For once I managed to take a photo without the need of the flash as the sun was streaming in.  I also managed to get a load of washing dry in the garden which is lovely and it smells so wonderful when you bring it in.  Many years ago I bought a whirly washing line that collapses with the line inside so it stays clean which is a real boon when you come to using it after a winter of neglect.  No black marks on the washing or ages cleaning the lines.  However, the pegs are a different matter and have been out all winter so today I will bring them in and give them a birthday in readiness for the summer.  The morning just seemed to fritter away and by the time I had cleared up from my baking session it was almost time for lunch - small mutton pie with green beans easy.
Basso and I had some fun in the garden training with his dummies and he is getting much better at bringing them straight back to me.  He is also very good at taking directional command but when I try to do a blind retrieve, that is when I hide the dummy without him seeing it. Then send him to find it he thinks there is a bird and ignores the dummy and continues to look for a bird.  So more practice needed there.  Still that is what the summer is for and hopefully by next winter he will be much improved.
Today the wonderful Jane is due so the house will get a birthday, which is much needed, and I really must pick up where I left off with the spring cleaning.  My tennis elbow comes and goes, one day I am fine and the next it is back with a vengeance but no doubt time will deal with it.  My wardrobe could use a good turnout but I think I will leave it until I move to summer clothing then I can have a bit of a clear out.  I tend to hold on to old clothes as I think they will be useful for dog walking or in the garden but the pile of garden clothes is now big enough for a whole team of gardeners and I must be really brutal with it.  I am one of life's hoarders I hate to throw away anything that I think might be useful at a later date.  I still have the racks from my old oven which just looked too good to throw out and I was sure I would find a use for them - so far nothing - so I think they must be jettisoned.  I just know that the minute I throw them out I will need them for some project or another!!!!
Anyway, enough of all this.  Time I got the iron hot and got stuck in to some ironing.....
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