Tuesday morning

Well it is silly O'clock but I am wide awake and having had 6 hours sleep that is plenty.  I missed my afternoon nap so fell asleep really early.  Yesterday was a good day first there was the news of all the Oscars won by a British film, I was worried that after all the hype it would crash and burn.  I was slightly disappointed that Geoffrey Rush didn't win best supporting actor as he was truly brilliant in the film but I suppose you can't have it all... It is nice to have a bit of good news what with all that is happening in North Africa at the moment.  Secondly there is the shaggy dog story!  well they are no more I have three sleek and heavily scented pups.  I felt somewhat like a mother leaving her child for its first day at school and the similarity didn't end there, when it came to picking them up the hall way was crowded with anxious owners waiting for the darlings to emerge.  I could just glimpse Basso on the table getting the final touches to his beard and eyebrows.  Nip and Tuc were the first two out and I took them straight to the car which left me free to then take Basso who was delighted to be free at last.  I don't know what shampoo they use but the car smelled like florist shop on the way home.  First things first when we got back and an early supper was served after which all the dogs went in the garden to reapply the mud to their feet.  Basso then went quite crazy, he charged into his crate and proceeded to take out his frustration on his blanket which was given a thoroughly good kicking and trampling until he finally settled down to suck a corner like a small child.  Most odd behaviour I have never seen him react like this!!!  Once this was over it was a case of total collapse and all three fell sound asleep happy to be back home after a very trying day!!!!

Basso as you can see had already made a mess of his face and his feet!!!!

Today is going to be a busy day as the wonderful Jane is due so I need to tidy up in her honour and get the beds stripped of ready for laundry.  Mark the gardener is also due and I am hoping to get the hen house re-established in their run so that I can move them out of the green house in the near future and get it washed down and ready for planting.  Mark usually arrives at around 8am so I will need to get out into the garden and clear it of dog poo before he arrives.  Oh lucky me!!!! It is a really miserable 3 degrees so it is still perishing cold but at least it is not drizzling at the moment.  I think it might be prudent to get dressed before I tackle this job instead of my dressing gown and wellies as normal....If all this wasn't enough I suppose we are going to have to eat as well......I guess it could be pasties and salad for lunch and scramble eggs on toast for supper....
Have good day all and stay warm......

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