Thursday morning

Who needs a pre-wash cycle on the dish washer when you have a very helpful dog or 3.

Yesterday I finished off the fish pies and what a great idea it was to freeze them first then add the mash - there were no problems of  potato sinking into the white sauce.  It was just like buttering bread and now they are back in the freezer waiting for their moment of glory.  I took the dogs out early as the rain was due and the sky looked ominous however it didn't rain until late afternoon and then only lightly. During the night we had a jolly good downpour which will have saved me the job of watering the new bamboo plants and topping up the pond.  Hopefully it will have rinsed off the solar panels which have been pigeon bombed.  Talking of which I need to send a meter reading today as the payments are going up as of April 1st. so more money coming in.......

A parcel arrived in the afternoon which was the heavy fleece jacket that I had ordered for Mike it is exactly the same as the one I use for hunting.  He tried it on for size then refused to take it off and spent the rest of the evening wearing it as it was so nice and cosy.  His paroxysms of coughing are diminishing so I think he is on the mend but he does feel pretty rough and in need of some TLC.
Today I am expecting both Jeff and Shiona so that we can go shooting, let's hope the rain has passed for the moment.  Mike has decided to stay at home and will make himself a bacon sandwich for lunch which is what we will be having at the shooting club.  For supper tonight I have the lovely lamb stew ready made so all I have to do is add some vegetables and potatoes and we will have a good meal ready.

As today is practice shooting so I intend to shoot a round of skeet [25 shots] with my left eye completely covered then a round with both eyes open and see what difference it makes.  To accomplish this I will cover one of the lenses of my protective glasses with duck tape and leave one pair clear so all I have to do is change glasses between rounds the difficulty will come when I shut one eye instinctively.   It is always difficult to break a bad habit..... anyway fingers crossed.

Now, I fancy a simnel cake so do I make it as tradition dictates for mothering Sunday or do I go with the Easter tradition - how about a compromise make it for mothers day, eat half then freeze the other half for Easter.   Next problem is do I make the marzipan or buy it, oh life is full of decisions!!!!!  I must admit it is one of my favourite fruit cakes as I am not keen on the Christmas heavy fruit cake and this is so much lighter and very moist with the layer of marzipan running through the centre.  This will be a nice project for tomorrow especially if it is a wet day.  I also need to drop by the butcher today and see if he has managed to get any ox cheek which will make a stunning steak and kidney pie/pudding or even a plain stew, all this cheap cut needs is long slow cooking and time is something I have plenty of.

It seems amazing that March has come and gone and we are now heading into April and the real spring weather should be with us.
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