Thursday morning

Sunshine is definitely bad for your health!  it makes you take on far more than you should.  My washing line yesterday was groaning with sheets and duvet covers all of which are now piled up waiting for ironing.  I also got stuck in to planting some vegetables and a bit of general weeding.  Mike was not feeling the full ticket and come to that neither was I but the sun shine drove me on.  I have a lovely cold sore developing on my upper lip which, for me, is always a sign of being run down.  By the time the evening came and I put myself to bed I shivered for about 3 hours until every bone in my body ached and I was convinced that I was coming down with some terrible lurgy.  However, this morning it seems to have vanished and I feel fine -  What the hell was that!!!!!  Mike has a dreadful dry cough which kept him awake for hours but he is now sound asleep and that is where I will leave him.
For lunch I made us some leek and potato soup with the stock from the duck carcass and a splash of cream, garnished with the first sproutings of the chives.  Dinner was an interesting dish of pork belly roast over chestnuts, anchovies and stout - sounds weird but it was absolutely delicious and the left overs will go well with some cauliflower cheese for supper tonight.

This morning the garden is shrouded in mist from the river but I am hopeful that as the sun comes up it will burn it off and we should be in for another good day.  This weekend is the local game fair and in the past when I have gone it has been terrible weather with lashing rain and freezing wind.  However, I am hopeful that this year will be different!!!!  I want to have a look for a jacket for Mike which I am hoping to get cheap as it is the end of the season for heavy coats.  I may even get Basso to do a scurry retrieve as he seems to be more interested in fetching dummies this year.  Last year he was a disaster and ran out pointed to the two dummies then came back without them.   I also bought some of the most wonderful Parma ham from an Italian stand so hopefully they may be there again this year.

Every time I pass the green house I think I had better get on and sort it out but it is such a mess that I baulk at the idea and find some other more pressing job to do.  I'm sure it is one of those jobs that is not as bad as you think it is going to be, but difficult to get started!!!!  Yesterday morning the buds on the magnolia were tightly shut but by the evening they were all opening and looking magnificent. This is such a lovely time of the year as you walk around the garden each day you see something else coming into bloom.
Oh dear Mike has started barking so I guess that is the end of his peaceful sleep and I had better get him a hot drink.
Have a good day all and enjoy the sunshine but don't over do it with the rush of spring enthusiasm!!!!
                                               Now doesn't that fill your heart with joy!!!!!
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