Thursday morning

Yesterday was another cold an misty day and this morning the thermometer is reading 4 degrees which is not great.  However having said that the garden is beginning to burst forth with lots of buds - daffodils are in bloom as are many of the early shrubs so it is looking rather nice.  I went to plant some tomato seeds only to discover I have not seed compost left so a trip to the garden centre look like it is on the cards.
Yesterdays shooting expedition was good though not reflected in the score and I am gradually getting used to the my gun since the alterations.  When we got home the fish pies were already in the halogen oven and took exactly 10 minutes to be ready to serve.  They were brown and crisp on top and heated right through, in fact they were so quick that Jeff hadn't had time to clean the guns so they were put on hold for a while.  The cake that I made turned out OK in the end but it took quite a bit of tinkering before I managed to get it cooked through.  I ended up covering the top with tin foil to stop it from burning and finally ended up turning it upside down and finishing it off that way.  In the end it was fine but I do need a bit of practice with the temperatures before I perfect cake cookery.

This morning Len and Margaret are due to visit and then we are going to have a pub lunch and hopefully a nice dog walk which will be a break from cooking for me.  I must admit I am feeling particularly tired this week and the early mornings mean that I am not much use in the afternoon.  James has requested that I send him a selection of light classical music but it is not that easy to send music over the internet so I am going to look at the Rapid share system and see if I can get to grips with that.  If only it were as easy as sending photos it would be great.

Anyway hope you all have a great day

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