Thursday morning but only just

Well it is stupid o'clock again, yesterday was very stressful and so once the pressure was off I collapsed into bed and was asleep by 9pm so I have no one to blame but myself.  I had known about the fitness test for James for about a week so as you can imagine the stress gradually built up and each time I spoke to him he seemed to be making no improvements with his back.  Anyway, it is all over now and he managed to pass the test by the skin of his teeth.  Now he has a couple of weeks to get fit before he starts training in earnest.  I hope he will come home for a day or two so we can celebrate a little as this is a mile stone we have been waiting for for three years.  No one tells you when you have children that it is a life sentence and you go on worrying about them forever no matter how old they are.  I did however have the privilege of ringing my friends and family to tell them the good news.
I spent the day trying to keep myself occupied so the dogs got a good run in the woods and Tesco's took a bashing.  The washing machine was running most of the day so now I have a monumental pile of ironing to keep me amused.  For lunch I cooked a couple of duck breasts which we had with some little green beans and for supper we had a bowl of Jerusalem artichoke soup which was delicious but had the usual detrimental effects!!!!
Today Mark is coming so I will be spending most of the morning in the garden getting the chicken run sorted out so that we can move them back to their summer quarters as soon as the weather improves. There is a large phormium tenax which is planted in what used to be a border and really could use removing as it gets in the way of the chicken run so I think that will be a job for Mark.  It is still bitterly cold and only 1.2 degrees at the moment.  Needless to say the heating is off so it is pretty chilly sitting here typing.  At least it makes slaving over a hot iron seem like a positive benefit!!!  Lunch today will have to be something quick and simple so spaghetti carbonara and a salad seems like a good idea.   Tomorrow we are off down to Southampton with Basso so we will no doubt have lunch in a pub somewhere and I have the oxtail stew in the fridge for supper when we get home.  Then on Saturday there is the possibility of roost shooting with Sandi and her husband but that will largely depend on the weather.  Just by way of information, roost shooting does not involve shooting the birds once they have roosted.  If you try to shoot them in the trees they are so quick they are in flight before the shot reaches them so they have to be shot as they come in to land which is no mean feat as they are travelling quite fast.

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