Sunday morning

Today is a day I dread - the clocks have gone forward - at least some of them have, now I will have to go round and change all the other and there seem to be hundreds of them.  Almost every gadget and gizmo has a clock on it.  The ones that usually get forgotten are the one in the car and the one on the washing machine.  If only all the clocks were as clever as the computer and would change themselves.  I do have a couple of radio controlled ones which change themselves but the vast majority need to be manually changed which means remembering how!!!!
Yesterdays intentions fizzled out somewhat as Mike was quite rough but felt he would be better today and would like to go to the game fair.  I don't think he will be well enough so the idea will be dropped besides Sandi rang to say that she had bumped into friends who were coming back from the fair and were very disappointed.  So perhaps it is a day for quiet pottering around.  I defrosted some lambs kidneys yesterday which Mike will enjoy for lunch today as they are his very favourite.  He is eating reasonably well if only small quantities which will do him no harm.
I have been doing some nice training with Basso. He thinks I have become extremely clumsy as I keep dropping my tea towel which he has to fetch for me not to mention my shoes keep coming off and also have to be brought back.  All of which he does with good grace but a pitying look on his face!!!!  It is all designed to reinforce his retrieval instincts but I don't think he sees it that way.

The weather yesterday was quite different from the last few days in that it was very cold and overcast not a glimmer of sun to be seen.  It is amazing the difference a bit of sunshine makes to your mood.  Today is destined to be a mixture of cloud and sun according to the weather forecast so a little better I hope.  I think it is a bit chilly and miserable to pressure wash the greenhouse so that can be put off until a nice sunny day.
OK now it is time to do the clocks so far I have done my watch, one phone handset, my mobile phone and the camera so on to the kitchen for a few more.
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