Sunday morning

Well it is stupid o'clock but I must admit that I feel a whole lot better than yesterday.  I put myself to bed early with a mug of horlicks and became unconscious in moments.  I haven't drunk horlicks for years and had forgotten how comforting it is.  My stomach seems to have settled down and the nausea has departed - what a relief.
It was such a lovely day that we decided to drive over to the gun shop and stock up on cartridges but as we drove into the car park I suddenly remembered that I didn't have my licence with me, so we had to turn round and head back home empty handed. What a bore!!!!  I took the dogs for a run but my heart was not in it then it was back home for some mince and potatoes which was in the slow cooker waiting for lunch.  Supper was a couple of boiled eggs and some soldiers so a quiet day on the food front.
James is in the process of buying a motorcycle which should solve all his transport problems for a while.  I hate motor bikes as they are really dangerous but in the London police stations the car parking is very limited but there is always room for a bike.  Needless to say his compensation money is not through yet so Mum and Dad provide an interest free bridging loan facility.  Given that he has had to take a £200  a month cut in salary things are rather tight for him and I am always glad to deprive the banks of the interest...
Today we are expecting Shiona and her dogs for lunch and I have taken a cheap duck out of the freezer which I am intending to cook in the halogen oven.  Fingers crossed it will all go OK as I am still experimenting with times and temperatures.  The only thing I have got wrong is a toad in the hole when I didn't get the fat hot enough and ended up with soggy dough instead of nice crisp crust.
Last night apparently the moon was at its closest for 18 years and as it was a clear night I shot out with the camera

Not exactly spectacular!!!! I don't think I will be winning any prizes with these pictures!!!!!
Today is supposed to be another good one so I think I will have to have a go with the camera in the day light.

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