Sunday morning

Things are never quite as bad as you think they are going to be.  James arrived around 10 with the mother and father of hangovers - it had been his last day a work and his colleagues had taken him out for a drink!!!!!  He had also been very touched that they had had a whip round and bought him some lovely items for his new life including a beautiful torch with his name  and start date engraved on it.  One of the girls had baked him two cakes one in the shape of a policeman's helmet the other with a pair of hand cuffs on it.  If I can get him to blue tooth or email me the photos I will show you these works of art.  We headed for the shops to get him kitted out for the first 5 weeks before he is in uniform.  To our surprise we managed to get most of the stuff in Sainsbury's.  Shirts, socks, pants and trousers then a pair of Reebok trainers reduced to £39 in the sports shop.  That done we beetled off home where we demolished an assortment of pasties and pies.  Mike and I toddled off to bed for a snooze and James slept peacefully in front of the TV supposedly watching a film.  For supper I roasted a chicken in the new halogen oven and then put potatoes round it for the last 30 minutes.  I was very impressed with the bird which was lovely and juicy and cooked beautifully in double quick time.  With it we had some sage and onion stuffing, carrot and swede mash and brocolli.  I then tried the oven self cleaning facility which was interesting and pretty effective.  You put cold water in it with a drop of detergent and switch it on.  The force of the fan swirls the water around and loosens any bits stuck to the bottom.  Most fascinating!!!!
I almost forgot I moved the hens from the green house to their summer accommodation and while three of the birds were easy to catch and transfer the last bird put up quite a fight.  I had to chase her round and round the green house before I managed to out wit her and get a grip.  Meanwhile, Basso was stood up at the gate offering assistance - I am sure he would have caught her very quickly and would probably not have caused her any damage as he has a very soft mouth.
Today I am going to shoot at Dover as it is a qualifier for the competition and I also need to pay my membership fees.  I offered James the opportunity to stay in bed but he thinks he should get up early so that he can sleep tonight ready for the early start at Hendon tomorrow so he is going to come with me to the shoot.  There will of course be a good breakfast in it for him and a bit of fresh air will help to clear his head.  We have decided that as we will have eaten a good breakfast we will have smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on toast for lunch which is easy and quick to prepare.  Then James will be back up to London to prepare for his new life.
And so another milestone passes!!!!!
p.s. my neighbour has managed to contact her mother and she is fine but the devastation in Japan is terrible and they are still getting after shocks.


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