Sunday morning

So how did the pigeon shooting go?  not so well, there must have been about 6 of us dotted around in the woods and there were plenty of pigeons but they were flying high and fast which meant they were un-shootable.  4 birds were shot but not by me, however, I do have them in the garage as no body else wanted them.  I think it is a pity to shoot them then not used them so they will be dressed today and ready for the pot. I didn't get home until about 7pm by which time it had started to rain but we had been fortunate and stayed dry.  I was due to go clay pigeon shooting this morning but Roger has torn a ligament in his leg and can't drive so that has been cancelled.  I do, however, have some good news and that is I am off to Crufts on Thursday.  One of Sandi's friends has a spare seat in her car and is going up there on gun dog day so I couldn't really turn down the offer.  Janet, Basso's breeder is doing the Spinone judging and has 174 dogs to see - of course the best dog will not be there he will be at home keeping Mike company instead.  No doubt I will be bringing back a few treats for all the dogs as there are usually loads of free samples.  The one thing that people with experience do is take their own food and drink as it is very expensive, poor quality and the queues are horrendous.  Anyway, lets hope it is a good if tiring day and that I keep my credit card under control.
Today I have a piece of mutton to cook which I intend to simmer very slowly and then serve with caper sauce, mash and carrots.  I think there will be a chunk left over so it will make a good shepherds pie especially if I use my brains and make too much mash.  It is a long time since I have had a piece of mutton but I really like the flavour so it will be quite a treat.  The fish pies were delicious and though we ate two for lunch there are still four in the freezer.  I sunk a scallop into the middle of each pie which had been touched in a hot pan for colour but not cooked through which means they are not over cooked in the reheating process.
I am glad to say that Basso was back to his normal self by yesterday evening and is looking much perkier this morning.  It just goes to show how long it takes for drugs to be metabolised and to leave the system.
Well that's about it time to get simmering.....
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