Waiting our turn

Yesterday was an interesting experience the journey down to Southampton was pretty uneventful just one motor way after another M2, 20, 26, 25 and M3.  The Sat Nav took us to the very door of the house we needed which is up an unmade road.  Once we had found the place we then back traced and went and had lunch in Twyford at a nice pub with big car park so the dogs could have a leg stretch.  I also took a walk to the post office which is a general store and bought some cheese which I wanted to finish off the fish pies that I had made before we left.  Lunch was the usual sort of thing stuff that comes from the freezer and either goes in the deep fat fryer or the microwave.  However having said that Mike had a steak which was both cooked rare as requested and tender so full marks for that.  By lunch time the sun had come out and it was warming up nicely so it was back to the x ray place.  We parked up and a lady came and checked who we were and took our forms to make sure they had been correctly filled in.  The I had to walk Basso to a 3 sided shed where we waited for the vet to come and give him a sedative injection which he didn't even notice.  The vet was surprised that he weighed 40 kilos as he doesn't look that heavy and when I come to think of it he weighs as much as my 5'6" mother weighed 9 months pregnant with me.  He was then put back in the car to let the sedative take effect but it was only some 20 minutes before we were called forward and I was dressed in a fetching leopard print lead apron and Basso was required to lay flat on his back with his hind legs stretched out, his pelvis and hips being over the x ray plate.  It took four people to get him correctly positioned but the first x ray was fine unlike the rottweiler in front of us who had to be muzzled and took 3 attempts before they got a good picture.  We were then called back to look at the films and she was of the opinion that his hips were pretty average so now they have been sent off to the veterinary people and we have about 6 weeks to wait for the results.  Fortunately, we were almost home by the time the real rush hour traffic took hold and we only had a small delay as the M3 joined the M25 after that it was plain sailing.  It was only when we got home that the sedative finally took hold and Basso took to his bed and slept soundly all night!!!! So much for spending his "leg over fund" all he got was a "roll over" and a hangover. 

And now the sedative kicks in!!!!

This morning I need to finish off the 6 fish pies that are only missing their mash potato tops.  Then I can fry off the meat balls which have been sat in the fridge for 24 hours.  I may freeze them as they are or I might make a tomato sauce to go with them.  The weather looks good for pigeon shooting this evening so I will drive down to Faversham and meet Sandi this afternoon.  The chickens got neglected yesterday so they will need some tender loving care this morning but it is still too cold to move them out to their summer accommodation.
Well that about it time for some spud bashing!!!!

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