Saturday morning

Yesterdays plans were turned upside down  so I didn't really get much accomplished.  Mike decided that he needed some tablets to dry his chest up.  He has had these in the past and they seem to work very well and as it was Friday I needed to get a prescription quickly.  I started to ring the surgery at 9am and for an hour all I got was the high volume of calls message then when I finally got through and explained I was treated to a severe lecturing on how to get a prescription - namely that I should present myself in person at the surgery with my request in writing and then come back on Monday to collect the prescription.  Anyway, to cut a long story short I ended up ringing the practice manager who agreed that I had followed the correct protocol and apologised for her staff member.  This went some way to assuaging my indignation - actually I was raging and bouncing off the walls!!!!  Anyway, by this time it was nearly lunch time so any thoughts of pressure washing the greenhouse were off the agenda.  We then drove down to the surgery and collected the prescription at 2pm and got it filled so hopefully Mike will have a reasonable weekend.  I then took the dogs for a walk at the sea side [estuary] and as the tide was out they decided to go muddy puddling, well you can imagine the state of Basso and the lovely job of hosing him down when we got home, just what I needed!!!  By this time it was too late for a siesta but I was feeling pretty tired, Mike managed to grab an hours snooze so at least he felt a bit more human.  We ended up having an early supper and I went off to my bed abandoning the washing up in the sink.

Well it is a new day and a new plan is forming in my mind.  Do I get on and do the greenhouse or do I go to the game fair - I can't make my mind up yet, much will depend on the weather.  Sue next door has finally managed to catch all her fish and they are all happily in my pond though the water is a bit murky with all the activity.

I will try for a better picture once the water has settled down and the pump has had time to filter the water.
For lunch today I had planned pork chops with an assortment of vegetables and for supper some potato wedges with fried eggs [sort of healthy egg and chips].  However, if I end up going to the game fair this could all change.  I really aught to do some shopping as we are running low on a few essentials and Mike has not been to the shops for days.  He actually likes shopping so I am very happy to let him get on with it.  One thing is for certain the kitchen will not clear itself so that will need to be my starting point this morning - that will teach me to leave it in a mess!!!
Have a good day all and I hope your plans for the day are a success
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