Saturday morning

The new patch of lawn

Basso checks out the new facilities

Yesterday was a relatively busy day - first thing I got to grips with cooking some food for the rest of the day.  I made us some cream of cauliflower soup for lunch and made a veal casserole to have with wedges and swede and carrot mash for diner.  The mash will be enough for us to have today with a roast chicken and I was deeply impressed with the wedges which took 10 minutes from a cold start using the halogen oven.  Admittedly they were not huge but it was still very quick and they had a nice crisp and brown finish.  Mark turned up with his mate Mat and they got started on the lawn.  The first job was to rip up the existing miserable grass and barrow it into the chicken run where the hens will no doubt sort it out.  The a layer of sand was applied to level out the ground and make a nice drainage base for the grass.  Once the grass was laid on top and fixed down with large pins a layer of kiln dried sand was top dressed on to it and there it was finished.  The path has just been laid on top of the grass to make a track for wheel barrows etc.  The dogs seemed hardly to notice the change and gave it just a cursory glance.  Basso for one was much more interested in the pigeons sitting in my neighbours tree.

A friend rang to tell me to put the TV on and we were amazed at what we were seeing the tsunami in Japan, what a disaster!  I then rang my neighbour who is Japanese and she was in a bit of a state as she had managed to contact her brother and sister as they had mobile phones but couldn't contact her mother as all the land lines were down.  Her mother lives in the town that was hit so badly but she lives up a hill just outside the town so her fears were for land slides.  As yet I haven't heard if they have managed to contact her.  I expect the death toll will continue to increase and despite all the buildings standing through the earthquake what on earth do you do to protect yourself against a tsunami?

This morning I will be awaiting a phone call from the station as James is coming down by train.  Since having his car written off he is without transport.  Then we have the miserable job of going and buying  the clothes he will need for the training college.  It is like going back to school and having to buy the uniforms....  I thought I was past all that!!!! Then once that is over with we can have peaceful weekend.  I have cancelled pigeon shooting this afternoon but as yet I am still intending to go shooting on Sunday morning as it is an entry qualification shoot for the club competition.  There are loads of prizes one of which is a series of lessons which I would love to win.  James can either accompany me or stay in bed which ever he prefers.

So that is the plan for the weekend but who knows how it will pan out at least the weather looks like it will be OK so I think I will move the hens to their summer accommodation this morning and get them settled so that the green house can have an airing and then I can start to get it cleared ready for the summer of tomatoes!!!!!
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