Monday morning

My new guests are settling in quite well and are beginning to come to the surface to feed.  It is difficult to get an impression of size but each of the fish must weigh at least a pound if not more.  It was another very overcast day until quite late in the afternoon when the sun made an appearance which made taking a photo a bit easier as the reflection was much less.  I finally managed to get round and change all the clocks with the exception of the car which stood idle for the day.  Would you believe even my kitchen scales have a clock.  Mike is still coughing badly and had a pretty rough night so I will be leaving him to sleep for as long as possible this morning.  I think I must have been very tired as I slept really soundly yesterday afternoon and had no trouble sleeping last night.  I hope I am not counting my chickens but my tennis elbow seems to have resolved itself at last but I will have to treat it with care as I don't want a recurrence.

Good news on the solar panel front apparently the feed in tariff is due to rise on the first of April so we will need to take a reading and send it to our supplier so they can make the necessary adjustments.  We have noticed that our electricity consumption from the grid has dropped by about half so that must mean we are using half from the solar panels as we have made no changes to our domestic use.

For those of you who are following my saga of the new halogen oven I did a test yesterday evening when I put a loaf of part baked bread in and took it out fully baked in 6 minutes and that was from a cold start. My conventional oven would not have even got to temperature by then let alone cooked the loaf.  The hot crusty bread went down very well with the cauliflower cheese we had for supper.  On the menu for today we have the last of the fish pies that I made some time ago.  They have been very popular so I think I will have to have another cooking day and restock.  The fish monger is closed today but I will put an order in tomorrow so that I have all the ingredients.  I was hoping to shoot on Wednesday but it looks like it is going to pour with rain so I may have to put it off until Thursday.  The garden could use a good drink as we have not had any real rain for quite some time.

The hens seem to be laying quite well and we are getting three eggs per day which is ample for our needs.  They seem quite good at going to bed and as soon as they see me approaching in the evening they make their way back to their house so I don't have to chase them all round the run to get then put away for the night.  If I leave it until dusk they will already have put themselves to bed and all I have to do is close the door on the fox proof run.  I still haven't got round to dealing with the greenhouse but as Joy pointed out it will still be there tomorrow and as yet there is not urgency to get it done.

At last the red camellia is in bloom it is amazing how much slower it is than the white one.  They are more or less in the same position so it must be something to do with the cultivar.   It would be lovely if they bloomed at the same time but I suppose you can't have everything at least they do flower.

It is just beginning to get light so time I got under way with a few chores - have a good day all

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