Monday morning

I hope you have had a chance to look at the cakes made for James as I did add them rather late.  We set off from here at 8am and headed for Dover, it only took about an hour and then we were parked in the deep woods and on our way to have a good breakfast.  I had a sausage and onion baguette and James had bacon and egg in his.  Faces fed, we set off to shoot the competition.  James marked my card and pressed the release buttons for me.  There were 10 stands of 10 birds so it was nice and easy to mark.  However, the clays were anything but easy and I was convinced I was shooting really badly - by 10.30 I was done and handed in my card rather sheepishly and beat a hurried retreat.  Back at home we settled down for some coffee and a generally relaxing morning.  James set too and cleaned my gun and it was decided that as none of us were hungry we would have scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on toast for lunch.  I offered to make some banana custard but no one fancied it.  After lunch we packed James bag with all his new clothes and a few pies from the freezer and ran him down to the station to catch the train back home.  He wanted to go reasonably early so that he would have time to organise his stuff for the start of college today.  Just before he left the phone rang and it was Roger to tell me I had come second in my class and he had picked up my trophy for me.  I was completely shocked but apparently everyone was complaining that the course was really difficult and the A class shots were coming in with scores of 55 instead of 85+ so I didn't feel so bad then.
For supper I made a risotto with some left over chicken and some nice flat mushrooms which we ate while we watched the final of the Crufts judging.  I was mortally disappointed as they didn't televise the heal-work to music performance of Mary Ray and her dogs which is the traditional start to the final judging.  I quickly sent off a disgruntled E mail to Channel 4 and felt better for doing that.  Then it was off to bed for a rather restless nights sleep.
I have no real plans for today except to take the dogs for a good run as they have rather missed out over the last few days and then there is the kitchen to clear up - yes I left it in a mess last night so no one to blame but myself.
Have a good day all it is pretty chilly here at 2.8 but if the sun gets up it should get a bit warmer.
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