Monday morning and the start of another week

Three meter tall bamboo "phyllostachys nigra" still in its pot but in its planting position.

Yesterday was a day of successes and failures.  First when Shiona arrived we got stuck into cooking the duck in the halogen oven - it was a triumph the meat was juicy and moist but the skin was crisp and crunchy so a definite success.  Next Shiona wanted to have a go making scones with lemonade and cream but the recipe she had was definitely short of flour and they were not much good.  They stayed very undercooked in the middle however the dogs thought they were fine.  We had taken the dogs for a nice walk down by the river and apart from one horrid fight over a stick it was very warm and pleasant.  I am glad to say that both Basso and Mary stayed out of the fight and left it to the boy terriers to have a real scrap.  Fortunately, there was no blood drawn though it sounded as though they were tearing each other limb from limb.
Shiona had brought some nice sausages which had been made from pigs that a small holder keeps and we all agreed they were delicious.  These cooked well in the halogen oven thought we did eat them cold with mustard for our supper.
We spent some time looking at the photos of her Caribbean cruise and some incredible footage of the steel band festival on one of the islands.  The cruise ship seemed to have all the facilities you can imagine so they were never bored.
Having missed my afternoon siesta and been up at stupid o'clock I was really ready for my bed so it was a case of watching "waking the dead" then off to the land of nod.  This morning I woke at 5 which is not too bad but I feel completely wrecked and it will take copious cups of coffee to get me back to running speed.
Shiona and the dogs have stayed the night and all are sound asleep at the moment. They were all very impressed with the new fake grass which looks good and the dogs seem to accept that it is grass and use it appropriately.   Today, I have several chores to do and I will have to have another go at getting to the gun shop to buy cartridges but this time I will remember my licence.  The sky looks clear there is no frost so we may be in for another glorious spring day so let's make the most of it.......
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