Monday and the start of another week

Where did the weekend go?  I was disappointed that the shooting got cancelled yesterday but as it turned out it was probably just as well.  I had had a rotten night and by the time I had sorted out the pigeons and made the lunch I was so tired that I fell asleep for several hours.  The pigeons served a dual purpose firstly I hid them in the garden and sent Basso to find and retrieve them then I stripped the breasts off and wrapped them in slices of my own Parma style ham and put them in the freezer for some later date.  The mutton simmered slowly most of the morning and then I served it with caper sauce, carrots and boiled potatoes - it was delicious.  The bananas that were on the blink were given a coat of custard for desert - it is ages since we have had banana custard a real childhood delight.  We were so stuffed that we only had a slice of bread and cheese for supper as neither of us felt at all hungry.
Today I have the left overs to deal with and I am thinking I might make little mutton pies or I may just go for the shepherds pie idea - it depends if I feel like making pastry or not.  It is extremely cold here this morning at -1 degree but there is no frost to damage the camellia which as you can see is in bloom.
According to the weather forecast we are in for a sunny if cold day and we are now doubly pleased as sun means that we will be generating loads of electricity which is earning us money.  Not to mention that I can happily use electricity to run things like the tumble dryer which I normally feel guilty doing.

I am very glad I chose not to put the hens out yet and I think it will be nearer the end of March before the weather warms up a little and I feel they can finally get into their summer accommodation.

Tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday, so the mind turns to pancakes.  Mike absolutely loves them with lemon and sugar so I guess I will have to make him a batch tomorrow.  I may well make an excess and put them in the freezer as they are very useful for doing things like cannelloni or filling with leeks wrapped in ham and then covered with a cheese sauce.  Nice standbys for shooting lunches.
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