Friday morning

This morning I cursed the birds it was 4am and they were shouting at the top of their lungs and woke me up!!!!It was still pitch dark, stupid birds!!!!  Anyway, as I sat down to write I was struck by the lunacy of taking photographs of your ironing - how crazy is that!!!  Perhaps I am completely loosing my marbles...

Yesterday was a good productive day, I got stuck into the green house and cleared all the bits and bobs out and washed and dried them.  Everything inside is covered in a layer of fine soil which has been kicked up by the chickens.  Next winter I must remember to strip the greenhouse before putting the hens in and then I will not be faced with all this cleaning.  Today I am hoping to get the pressure washer in and give all the glass a good clean then once that is done the earth can be turned over and the beds prepare.  The only problem with using the pressure washer in a confined space is that you get as wet as everything else so it is a job to be done before I have a shower not after.

My next door neighbour, who is moving abroad, transferred her large koi carp into my pond as I am going to foster them while she is away and the house is rented out.  They seem to have settled in quite nicely and once the water is nice and clear I will try to take a photo of them, a bit more interesting than ironing!!!

Mike is still pretty rough and coughing a lot - he manages to sleep between coughing fits and is taking life pretty easy so hopefully he will soon be on the mend.  He doesn't seem to have a chest infection so antibiotics are pointless as it is probably viral.

For lunch today we are destined to have smoked haddock rarebit and for supper I was going to make some gnocchi to have with tomato sauce and a courgette salad.  So, first things first, if I want gnocchi I had better get some spuds on to boil and the smoked haddock is still in the freezer.  I also need to make a loaf of bread as we are down to our last slice.

It is just beginning to get light and there is a thick mist covering the garden the temperature is pretty chilly at 4 degrees but I think it will soon warm up when the sun makes an appearance.

Oh I nearly forgot I had a lovely phone call from James yesterday morning to let me know that he was at Hendon happy and relaxed having ridden his motorbike to college instead of having to rely on public transport.  It was so nice to get a phone call of happiness instead of doom and gloom even though I strongly disapprove of motorbikes it does seem to be the answer to a prayer.  Fortunately he still had his leathers and helmet so that was one expense we were spared.  I do hope that this is a turning point for him as he has had a real run of bad luck.

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