Friday morning and there goes another week!

Spring is really on the way - while I was out in the garden yesterday I noticed that some hellebores that I shoved in as seedlings have burst into flower.  They were a gift from a neighbour who had far too many plants and I had forgotten that I had put them in the back of the border.  The forsythia is in full bloom and the white flowering currant [see picture below] is under way so it is all beginning to look very spring like.  I have a very small patch of lawn which has been a real trial to me and looks a mess.  It is so small that it is hardly worth getting the mower out to cut it so we have now decided to put down some artificial grass which will solve the problem in a permanent way.  The chickens accommodation is now up and running so that I can move them out as soon as the weather improves a bit and then get to grips with sorting out the green house ready for planting.  Mark is a real inspiration as he works at such a rate that it really prods me into action.  With the two of us at it for two hours we got loads done and the garden is looking really good.  He is going to phone me with a quote for the artificial grass which he will lay.  It won't be cheap but it will solve an on going problem and as it is guaranteed for 20 years it should see us out.
With my very early start I was pole axed by lunch time so after I had made us a spaghetti carbonara and some courgette salad I piled into my pit for a kip.  All the ironing got done and put away so it was a fairly successful day all told.  Supper was nice and easy with just some bacon and mushrooms on toast and a banana for dessert.
Today we are off on a jaunt down to Southampton with Basso to have his hips x-rayed and we are intending to have lunch in a pub somewhere.  We will take all three dogs with us so I will have to find a place to give them all a chance to stretch their legs and empty their tanks.  Fortunately, they are all good travellers and the two terriers have been to Spain in the car so they are used to long journeys.  Today should only be a couple of hours each way so not too bad, lets hope the M3 is running smoothly...
That's about it for this morning I am off to make a meat ball mixture which can then sit in the fridge for 24 hours as it is certainly benefits form allowing the flavours to mingle and tomorrows lunch will be almost ready to roll.  Have a good day all - let's hope the temperatures start to rise a little soon it is still very cold here at 1.8.......
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