Wednesday morning

Take your partners for the last Waltz

What a day we had yesterday - another million miles walked through tough undergrowth brambles and mud.  Basso showed us exactly what he is bred to do and hunted, pointed and put up 6 pheasants but sadly the guns were not up to scratch and missed them all.  The morning started well but then it started to rain which made it a bit miserable however we ploughed on and completed the drives we had intended but did not hang around until darkness fell for the pigeons.  I got home at about 4pm and for the first time ever Basso actually cried for his supper.  By way of celebration I chopped the remains of a tin of corned beef into his food which he wolfed down with great gusto.  Interestingly as we set off Roger asked me to keep Basso at about 30 yards in front so as he reached that point I whistled him back - after about the 4th time he got the message and worked just that far ahead and came back on his own.  He jumped over the fences that last year we had had to lift him over.  Once he managed to land in a pile of logs and caught his foot and screamed - my heart stopped!!! I though he had broken a leg but fortunately he was fine and all he has to show for his exertions is a cut on his head.  I on the other hand am completely b***ered.  There is not a muscle in my body that doesn't ache and I am stumbling around like a 90 year old.  The body might be wrecked but mentally I am over the moon all the efforts at training have born fruit and Basso was showered with compliments on his skills - he did tell me that as a professional he was not so keen to work with amateurs but I didn't tell the guns what he had said.  Roger was sure that they would not have found any of the birds without Basso's help.  So although we came home shattered and empty handed we had a very satisfying day all told.

Joy I looked up why you shouldn't feed cheese to hunting dogs and it is because they scent through their mouths as well as their nose and cheese being greasy sticks to their teeth and the roof of their mouth masking other smells.  Apparently it can take up to two days to wear off.  

What to do today?  I think may be a good soak would be helpful and loosen up some of the screaming muscles and beyond that pottering seems to be the order of the day!!!!  I think Basso has it cracked just sleep and eat........ 

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