Wednesday and bin day

The temperature is rising but only up by 2 degrees however it is set to go on up until the weekend but we are in for some rain to go with it.  I am up late this morning but I had a pretty late night and Basso, bless him, decided to bark like sin at the fox in the garden at 3.30 but I managed to get back to sleep once I had quietened him down.  He is not a barking dog so this is a rare occurrence and I know if he is barking then there is a problem.
Yesterday, I decided that as my iPod classic had died and it is really my only source of music I would take a trip to the Apple shop at the Bluewater shopping centre and see what could be done.  I had been through all the web sites and tried the hard reboot options and also reset the factory settings but still the screen was blank.  The music was all still there but there was no way to select a play list or a track.  Well to cut a long story short I ended up part exchanging it for a new iPod nano which is so tiny it is truly amazing.  As soon as I got home it was connected to the computer and all my music was downloaded in minutes.  It has a touch screen just like its big brother the iPad but it has a wonderful sound quality when connected to the Bose speakers in the kitchen.  Best of all it is also a radio and uses the head phones as an aerial.  I believe they sell straps so that you can wear it as a watch!!!
As you can see it is a very similar size to my somewhat chunky watch.  The watch was chosen as it is a self winder and waterproof which means that I never take it off or have to replace the batteries, for me the best of all worlds.
Now today I have a chore to do which I hate and that is going to the hairdresser which I find boring and tedious.  My hair is a complete mess and hanging like wet lettuce and it has to be done so I will need to brace myself.  It is only a cut and blow dry but still I would rather polish the floor on my hands and knees.  I think I am slightly phobic about hairdressers as I was traumatised as a child by a great aunt who insisted on perming my hair when I went to stay with her.  She had no children of her own and treated me like a doll to be dressed up and played with.  I'm sure she meant well but I have vivid memories of sitting on the stairs crying into my teddy bear at the prospect of another perm..... You would have thought I would have grown out of it by now?
To cheer myself up a bit I am going to have an egg and bread crumb session this morning and prepare the chicken bits that I bought - as you no doubt know by now I am completely in love with anything in egg and bread crumbs.  Yesterday I took an idea from the master chef auditions and rolled fillets of mackerel in rolled out bread before frying.  I also filled the centre where the bones had been removed with the usual gremolata mixture.  I am pleased to say that they were a huge success and one fish would make an excellent starter for four people.
My next door neighbours are due back from New Zealand tomorrow so when I saw the news I sent them a text to see if they were all right.  As it happened they were in Christchurch during the earthquake but fortunately are safe and well and hoping that there will be no problems flying home.  I didn't see any reports of problems with the airport so hopefully that is still intact.
Well that about it for this morning time I got on with the chicken so it has time to dry off before I cook it for lunch.
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