Wednesday and bin day

Good morning all, well it is just about morning I found myself wide awake at 2.30 what a bore!!!  It is my own fault as I felt really tired yesterday and slept like the dead in the afternoon only to wake up at 5.30pm unsure if it was day or night as it was already dark.  It is a most disconcerting feeling to wake and not know if it is morning or evening.  The supper was part cooked as I had run the baked potatoes through the microwave to get them under way so all I had to do was put them in a hot oven to crisp up the skins.  The remains of the Gruyère and some chopped spring onions completed the meal so not exactly taxing.  I have been watching the new BBC Si-Fi drama Outcasts, so it was a quick clear up and off to watch the second episode of the week.  It finished at 10pm and I was soon asleep, so you see I have had ample sleep, just all at the wrong times!!!! the dilemma is what on earth to do at this time of the morning, Mike is still sound asleep so I don't want to make noise.  Outside jobs are out of the question as it is dark and cold which leaves me with not a great choice.  Ironing is always a good standby for these occasions and I have a small pile which will not take long.  My meat order is due today but who knows what time that will arrive?  if it comes early and I get it sorted and put in the freezer we are going to go to Rye to the scallop festival but if it comes late then we are scuppered.
I intend to make a beetroot and chocolate cake at some point so I have just put the beets in the pressure cooker then I can skin them and cool them for cake making. Talking of cake, did you see the tiramisu cakes on "Baking made easy" they do look very delicious and I have copied the recipe down for future reference.  Mike did a good bit of shopping yesterday and the vegetables were delivered so I have all my ingredient stores back up to scratch.
Mark the gardener didn't show, but at least I had cleared the garden in anticipation.  It was perishing cold as I ran around at dawn in my dressing gown and wellies - what a picture that conjures up!!!! Not the most elegant of outfits.... Now I need to get the bins out and hope that I am too late for the foxes to make a mess of them.  We find that if we put the bins out the night before they get ripped to shreds by the neighbourhood cats, foxes and magpies who strike at dawn if the bags are damaged.  OK enough burbling on time I actually got on with something constructive..  Have a good day all...

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