Wednesday and bin day

Good morning all,  I had a pretty terrible day yesterday I was so tired and had no idea why!  My body felt as if I had run a marathon and I just wanted to curl up in bed and sleep.  I pushed through the morning and did my chores but it was a real effort to do anything.  The one bright spot was the weather it was a gloriously sunny day and I managed to get some of the washing out on the line.  It all smells so lovely when it has dried in the fresh air.  The towels were not quite dry so they got a few minutes in the tumbler to fluff them up before they were put away.

I had intended to take Basso for a training session but by the time the wonderful Jane had left at 11am I was almost out of gas so we just had a short session in the garden.  I must admit that though I was not on top form Basso certainly was and got 10 out of 10 for his lesson.  He seems to have turned a real corner since he has been out to work and now takes the lessons seriously.  Let's hope that he is just as good when it comes to water.  The waders arrived in the post and they are a real struggle to get on but hopefully they will serve their purpose, if I gain any weight I will not be able to squeeze myself into them, so there's an incentive!!!!  They have fairly meaty Wellingtons on the end so I should manage to stay vertical in the slippery conditions.

After lunch I took myself off to bed for a rest and managed to get an hours sleep but was woken by the dogs barking as Mike drew up in the car.  He had decided to go shopping so there was plenty for me to do putting it all away.  For supper I made kidneys Jerez which is one of his favourites but my heart wasn't in it and no sooner than we had finished and cleared up than I was off to bed again.  I was sound asleep by 9pm and slept through until 3.30 this morning.  Do I feel any better?  it is difficult to tell - I certainly don't feel as stiff and achy so I am hopeful.  Jeff is coming this morning and we are off shooting which should cheer me up if nothing else.  For lunch I will do the chicken pies with some boiled potatoes and for supper I have some turkey soup.  Of course the washing now needs ironing so that will keep me occupied for a short time.  I have been rationing the knitting as I don't want to aggravate my elbow but I am almost finished one half of the cosy and can't wait to get on with the rest.  I have chosen white, red and grey as the colour mix which is looking rather pretty.  I am hopeful that I have got the tension right but that remains to be seen.  I will of course take a photo for you to see when it is done.
Well that's about it for today nothing very exciting to report but then again that is probably a good thing as a least there are no disasters.....

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