Tuesday morning

It is still bitterly cold and dull here and this morning we are only just up to 3 degrees so it looks like another cold day.  Yesterdays plans got turned on the head as Sandi rang early to say she had got out of bed feeling terrible following a rotten night and was going to stay in the warm which I agreed was a good idea.  When Mike got up we re-planned the day and decided that we would go and buy some cartridges and do a bit of shopping in our newly opened Tesco extra store.  The decision was made to go to Tesco first as it would be better to leave shopping at the gun shop rather than a car full of cartridges at Tesco.
The new layout of the car park confused us first as all the one way bits have changed and there new arrows all over the place.  Once in the store we discovered that the layout is exactly the same as the Tesco we use in Suffolk which gave a strange feeling of deja vu.  We skipped quickly past all the new stuff and headed for the items we needed which was no easy task as there were thousands of people milling aimlessly around looking for things.  There was also the added bonus of the noise!!! now that the shop resembles and aircraft hanger the screaming brats voices really echo and bounce off the walls.  Being half term there were plenty of screaming brats - what is it about kids that they cannot seem to talk but have to shriek everything.   The parents seem oblivious and walk about with that glazed expression and you realise that the lights are on but there is no one at home....  I sound like a really miserable old fart and believe me that is exactly how I felt - I couldn't wait to get out.  I did pick up a couple of bargains a Gressingham duck at half price and some nice organic chicken pieces.  It was a positive pleasure to go to the gunsmith and wander around in perfect peace and quite.  I bought 2,000 cartridges at a very good price of £123 per thousand and a game carrier as I had lost mine on the last hunting day of the season.
On the return leg of the journey we stopped off at a park which has lots of lakes and I took the dogs for a run.  It is very well organised and the children are kept in a pen [sorry enclosed playground] and the dogs can run freely.  Of course once we got home we discovered that 2,000 cartridges weigh tons and carrying in the boxes was quite a task.  Then there was the shopping as well - by the time it was all put away I was knackered and glad of a slice of pie and some tomato salsa that I had made before we went out.
Today the wonderful Jane is due and she is bringing her son with her as it is half term - fortunately he is of an age to talk normally and doesn't feel the need to shriek and scream.  He is a very bright boy and a pleasure to talk to.  I must admit I shoved the meat in the fridge and today I will need to make a few decisions as to what I am going to do with it.  I am torn between leaving the duck whole or dividing it up in to quarters.  The chicken also needs to be split into sensible sized portions before freezing.  I think this weeks menu will now need rearranging in the light of the new purchases.
Now for a bit of a rant - did any of you see the dispatches program about food in the NHS - it is still a disgrace and I would like to bet that the food in her majesty's hotel is of better quality or there would be riots.  During my long nursing career it was my constant cry that patients will not get better if you don't feed them decent food. Sick people need to be encouraged and need extra vitamins and calories to heal but what do they get, a bowl of non de-script tepid brown slop called red dragon pie, what the hell is that?  If I am admitted to hospital please don't send flowers or cards just food parcels!!!!the patients don't complain because they are so vulnerable it is not until they get home and are safe that they voice their dissatisfaction so all the surveys they do on inpatients are a waste of time.
OK end of rant I could write a dissertation on this subject but I wont bore you with that.  I will go and take out my frustration on the ironing!!!!!
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