Tuesday morning

At last the wind has dropped but so has the temperature we are back down to 4 degrees so pretty chilly.  Things are starting to move in the garden the snowdrops, jasmine and mahonia are all in bloom so it takes off the real deep winter feel and hints at the coming spring.  The one good thing about getting older is that time seems to pass more quickly which means that winter doesn't seem so long.
I had a nice productive day yesterday and after making some chicken pies with the left overs I got stuck in to cleaning my oven and hob and did the filters of the extractor.  That done it was time to walk the dogs and we had a lovely blowy walk down on the estuary.  Basso had some instruction and was as good as gold so we were all pleased.  His walking to heel without a lead is coming on well and he seems to get the whole idea now.  On the way back I stopped off at the wool shop and purchased 3 colours of cheap wool to make the tea cosy that Joy had made.  After a bit of searching I found my knitting needles, I prefer bamboo if I can get them as they don't clack as you knit.  The tea cosy is under-way but I will have to go slowly as it does wind up my tennis elbow so I am rationing myself.  I also placed an order for a pair of ladies fishing waders so that I can hopefully get Basso in the water to swim in comfort.  It will also mean that I can get in the pond and do any maintenance work without getting soaked.  Not to mention pressure washing the greenhouse so I am hoping they will be multifunctional.  However, I think I will wait for warmer weather before I take them out for a test drive.
The wonderful Jane is due today and for once the house is relatively tidy.  I usually plan a load of whites to follow her visit as the tea towels and dish cloths all go in for a wash.  Many years ago I purchased white dusters from Lakeland which means they too can be thrown into the wash and if the weather forecast is to be believed I may even get the washing outside to dry which is always a milestone.
Yesterdays food was all a bit haphazard and we ended up with chipolatas for lunch and a take away curry for super.  The mackerel I had planned for supper will now be lunch for today and I will have to rethink supper for tonight. Then I need to think about a shooting lunch for tomorrow as I am hoping for a morning of shooting.  Perhaps the pies would do as there are three of them?
Well that's about it for today time to knit a few rows before I get going on the days chores.  Have a good day everybody....
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