Tuesday and the week marches on

Yesterday was a day to catch up on the chores - I booked Basso in for his hips to be X rayed on March 4th at around 2pm which should give us time to get down to Southampton and find the place without having to leave home at dawn.  From what I understand it is not an easy place to find but hopefully with sat nav we should get there without too much trouble.  I then hit a problem I had decided to have the onion soup for lunch but didn't have the Gruy√®re cheese and with Mike taking the car to have his hair cut I had no chance to get any.  Our local Tesco is closed for a week while they convert it into a Mega store and parking at Sainsbury would be difficult.  The problem was solved when I rang Elaine who was on her way to Sainsbury, she picked up the cheese for me then dropped it back at her house with her frozen goods before she set off to work.  Her husband was still at home so he took the cheese with him to work and as his first job of the day was cutting Mike hair it all worked out extremely well and we had our cheese croutons on the soup for lunch. Talk about, where there is a will there is a way!!!! but the effort was worth it the soup was delicious and the crowning glory of the cheesy crouton perfect.  I had also found some chicken liver pate while searching the freezer which rounded the meal off nicely.  For dinner we had some pasta and a sauce made with pheasant sort of bolognese style.  The freezer is looking pretty bare at the moment but I am expecting a delivery of meat on Wednesday so that will soon be rectified.  We had planned to go to Rye to the scallop festival but now it looks like we will have to stay and wait for the meat to arrive.  I can only hope it comes early in the morning and we can still get down to Rye for the farmers market and a pub lunch.  We can't go on Thursday as we are already booked to have lunch with Len and Margaret, what a busy social life we do lead!!!!
Today, we are expecting the wonderful Jane so there is a pile of laundry waiting to go on as she leaves and as we haven't heard from Mark I am not sure if he is coming or not so I will need to do the dog mess as soon as it is light on the off chance that he is coming.  I failed to do it yesterday as I got embroiled in other projects.  I am very easily led astray.......especially if it is a job I don't want to do.
It was a beautiful sunny day but I believe we are now in for some rain so I guess we just have to make hay while the sun shines.  It is still pitch dark outside but not raining yet, if Mark shows up I am hoping to get the hen house re-established in their run so that I can move them out of the green house which will then need a major overhaul before it is ready for planting.  You really know that spring is just around the corner when thoughts turn to planting.  I have decided to source my tomato plants from a local nursery this year rather than from one of the large seed companies.  Last year he had a wonderful variety of unusual plants with the most wonderful flavoured fruits.  The onions and garlic I planted in the autumn are under way as are the broad beans.  Now I need to look at ordering summer vegetables like runner, green and borlotti beans all of which we love.  I can feel the excitement building but I mustn't jump the gun as I am sure we still have some bad weather yet to come.....
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