Tuesday 1st February end of the shooting season

Well after today the clever pheasants who have survived the season will be safe to breed and raise their young until October, that is assuming they stay away from Mr. Fox.  The farmers will be planting fields of sweet corn to give them cover and the game keepers will make sure that they have plenty of food and water and try to keep the fox numbers down.  I think the foxes have found that there is a better living to be made in town where people leave lots of food all over the place.

Yesterday I though I would give Basso a sharpening up exercise in anticipation of today's hunting so Mike kept him occupied in the bedroom while I took his frozen pheasant out of the freezer and secreted it in the garden.  I thought I would make it as difficult as possible for him so I hid the bird deep in the lower branches of the Korean fir tree, well out of sight!!  Oh stupid person!!! it took him less than 10 seconds to locate the bird and back he came with it in his mouth.  I guess he knows what he is doing and I need not worry.

I roasted the turkey leg for lunch with some wedges and Swiss chard then put the left overs in a pot with the usual suspects carrot, onion and celery and made soup some of which we had for supper and the rest is for Mike for lunch today.  I will be on sandwiches, egg and tomato I think as I have to avoid cheese.  The reason for avoiding cheese is that I usually share my sandwiches with my furry friend and cheese would ruin his sense of smell for about four hours.  I am more confident about today's hunting trip as the two guns, Roger and Jim, both are my age and have bad backs so I may stand some chance of keeping up.  I will be taking my gun as we are intending to do some roost shooting as the light fades and the pigeons come in to roost for the night having feasted all day on the young rape and winter wheat crops.

I am leaving Mike in charge of the wonderful Jane and also Mark the gardener is coming to give the garden a good tidy up after the ravages of the winter.  I noticed as I walked up the garden yesterday that the snowdrops are in bloom so spring is coming. I like this idea when I get home tonight my house will be clean, my garden tidy and my dinner will be a phone call away.  Who's a lucky girl then.  It is currently -2 degrees so I think very warm clothing is called for but at least if the ground is frozen it will not be quite so muddy.

Hope you all have a good day and that the weather is not too miserable where you are.
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