Thursday morning

Can you believe it! it is up to 8 degrees this morning so positively balmy and the cloud is very high and white so hopefully no rain.  I hope I have chosen the right day to go shooting - Jeff is coming over from Surrey so we will have coffee before we set out.  My appointment at the hairdresser went well and my hair is now much easier to manage as there is a lot less of it.  I have been blessed with fine hair but plenty of it and have left it to go grey naturally which has saved a fortune in hair colour and hairdresser's bills.

Shiona is safely back from the Caribbean cruise with no untoward events to report.  At least this time she didn't have her case stolen so she is pleased that all went well.  Today our neighbours are due back from New Zealand and I expect to have a full report on the earthquake in Chistchurch.

Yesterday, was a really miserable and it drizzled the whole day, once I had got my cooking chores sorted I was taken with the writing bug - I had a phrase running round and round in my head and finally put pen to paper and wrote an article for the Spinone magazine which was entitled "The clown in the house is a hunting dog".  I hope it is an amusing account of Basso's first hunting season and may make it into the next quarterly magazine.  I know they are always looking for material to fill the issues and people are reluctant to submit.  Anyway, we shall see what happens.  At least I have exorcised the writing bug.   You never know it may also help with his "leg over" endeavour.

Now I have to make a decision as to whether we eat at the shooting club or do I go and get a couple of pies out of the freezer and eat when we get back.  I think I will go for the pie option as I am not in the mood for a greasy spoon lunch....

Have a good day all and enjoy this good weather while it lasts.....


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