Thursday morning

I seem to be back on track it is nearly 5am so much better.  Yesterday, however, was a miserable day as I was so tired.  We has to abandon our ideas of going to the Scallop Festival as the box of meat I had ordered didn't show up until early afternoon by which time I was past caring.  The meat was beautifully packed in a polystyrene box with a large freezer pack in it and was still frozen solid so it was merely a case of transferring it to my freezer.  Each pack is labelled with the contents and weight so there should be no confusion.  I don't normally buy my meat this way but as it was on special offer - two for the price of one it seemed like a good idea.  Anyway, I now have a freezer full of veal which we can gradually wade our way through.  I also bought a piece of mutton which is a meat I very much like and find difficulty getting hold of.  In the wee small hours of the morning I made a beetroot and chocolate cake which once cold I cut in half, putting one half straight in the freezer to prevent over indulgence.  I knew if I left it lying around it would get devoured.  While I was at it I had loads of beetroot so I have siphoned out 200 grams for another cake which is also in the freezer out of harms way.  That done I moved on to the leek and potato soup which we had for supper with some nice croutons and a wedge of cake.  Lunch had been a pair of grilled lamb cutlets with a side dish of butter beans cooked with tomato and chorizo and yes you've guessed it a slab of cake.  today we are destined to go out to lunch and have a table booked at the restaurant at Kits Coty which is a
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