Thursday morning

Good morning all another early start for me but then again I had an early night so no lack of sleep.  According to the weather forecast we are in for a day of rain but so far it is still dry and relatively warm at 8 degrees.  Yesterday went well and I felt very content with my shooting with the exception of one stand where I couldn't find the clays my shooting was better than expected.  I am learning to shoot with the gun down out of my shoulder and only levelled when I see the clay.  This stops me using my shotgun as a rifle which is completely the wrong approach.  We got home about 1.30 and I made a pot of mashed potatoes to go with the chicken pies which only needed enough time in a hot oven to bake the puff pastry top and heat the filling.  Meanwhile Jeff cleaned the guns and Mike laid the table and poured the beers.  After lunch Jeff had a go on the Wii which really brought out his competitive instincts and showed him how badly he is standing now that he has problems with one of his knees.

James my youngest phoned me to say that on his way back from work while in a line of stationary traffic a lady in a 4x4 ran straight into the back of him pushing his car into the one in front.  He thinks the car will be a commercial right off  thought it is still drivable but worse than that he and his passenger have both suffered with a whiplash injury to their necks. He went straight to the doctor and has been given some analgesics and advise on what to expect and what to do.  The next couple of days are going to be painful and he will be laid off work until next week at least.  Truly a pain in the neck!!!!!

I finished half my tea cosy and have made a start on the second half - I am finding it really difficult to restrain my enthusiasm and restrict my knitting to short periods.  I am also watching my HPR training DVD in dribs and drabs so that I don't drive the dogs crazy.  Yesterdays lesson was a retrieve over a jump which was very interesting but requires some very specific equipment in the form of the correct fencing which I am going to find difficult to replicate however we will have to give it a go in the garden before I try to find a place with some fencing I can use for practice.  I will also have to enlist Sandi to help me with some blind retrieves.  That is where the dog has no idea that a dummy has been placed but must trust the handler who sending him to look for it.  All good fun!!!!

Today my plan is to make the phone call and book Basso in to have his hips scored - I believe there is likely to be a long waiting list but  it will be a day out for us to go to Southampton.  Once this is done I will investigate the cerebellar ataxia test which is just a blood test then he will be up and running and we will put him on the net as available for stud!!!! after that everything will be in the lap of the Gods but I will have done my best for him.

I did all the ironing yesterday morning so I am now at a bit of a loose end - more knitting is called for I think - then I must make a foray to the freezer and select some goodies for lunch and dinner.  I have a couple of beautiful aubergines, some peppers and courgettes so I think maybe a ratatouille or maybe a melanzane parmigiana might be a nice lunch with some crusty bread. Decisions, decisions.  Both dishes made properly are pretty time consuming so they should keep me out of mischief and away from the knitting for a while.......
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