Thursday morning

Oh the pain of the aching muscles!!!!  It just goes to show how out of condition I am.  I breakfasted on coffee and ibuprofen which kept me going while I cleaned out the chickens and did a few essential chores then lunch was a steak sandwich and paracetamol and finally diner was a fish pie and aspirin.  You will note the assortment of analgesics - I believe in rotting my internal organs evenly so as ibuprofen is bad for the kidneys, paracetamol is bad for the liver and aspirin is bad for the stomach I feel that I have spread the load evenly.  Today I feel somewhat better and will be able to get through the day unaided....As far as chores go, all I have to do is a bit of washing and ironing and prepare the lunch as we are going out for dinner this evening.  I got some sweat-breads out of the freezer yesterday and today they will be poached then egg and bread-crumbed for lunch.  My boots got washed and are now dry enough to polish so that will need doing before I forget.  The house is clean and tidy following the wonderful Jane so I can concentrate on the food and the laundry.
I was delighted as I made my way up the garden to the hens and saw all the fabulous work Mark had done. He is a real gardener and everything has been tidied up beautifully all the clematis have been cut back to the floor as have the fuchsias and the autumn raspberries.  The big piles of unsightly leaves have all disappeared leaving the fresh green shoots of the bulbs just poking their noses from the soil. Once the back of the job is broken I find I am filled with enthusiasm and feel able to get stuck in but given the condition of my muscles that might have to wait until next week.  Basso had the right idea he just slept and ate and pottered in the garden when necessary.  Last night after supper he just put himself straight to bed in his crate and didn't move again until I got up this morning.  Perhaps he too is stiff!!!!but at least he is not whining and complaining like me.
I have decided to take Mike up on his offer to buy me the Rory Majors DVD's on training HPR dogs so yesterday I rang him to find out which of the four DVD's would suit me best.  However, after a long and informative chat I have decided that the whole boxed set is the only way to go.  Don't let on to Basso but he is in for a summer of training not the holiday he is anticipating.  We are also going to make a concerted effort to get his confidence up and get him swimming.
Well that is my plan for the day what are you planning to do?

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