Sunday morning

Well so far so good it is dry but cold at 4 degrees.  According to the weather forecast it is due to be a fine day so let's hope they have got it right as I am off down to Dover to shoot. The clay pigeon shooting ground is buried deep in some woodland so it doesn't benefit from the sun and is usually pretty chilly. Yesterday's pigeon shooting was cancelled owing to the nasty wet weather which meant I occupied myself in the kitchen instead.  This is not so good for the figure as some one has to eat all this food I am cooking.  Fortunately, most of it will go in the freezer so can be used over a period of time.  Mike has a portion of the heart stew left for his lunch today and I will get a couple of the fish pies out for supper tonight.  I will have a sausage baguette for brunch at the shoot which will keep me going for the day.  It is a long time since I shot at the Dover club so it will be interesting to see what progress I have made since the gun alterations.  Mike and Basso usually come with me but it is a bit cold for Mike to sit in the car so he has opted to stay at home and I think I will leave Basso with him.  Basso is looking a real mess with his coat very over grown but tomorrow will see him all beautiful as he is off to the agricultural college's dog grooming school together with his brothers.  I will have to take some before and after shots so you can see the difference.  At the moment all three of them are curled up fast asleep as they think it is the middle of the night - well I suppose for most people it is....

Don't you just envy their capacity to sleep
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