Sunday morning

Before you read this make sure that you are sitting comfortably and have a cup of what ever you like, it is going to be a long saga.....
Yesterday morning started out just like any other morning, I did my usual bits and pieces including the ironing and finally Mike surfaced from his bed and we sat about drinking coffee and discussing the day.
Then came a knock at the door and the postman delivering a small package.  It turned out to be the 4 DVDs I had ordered from Rory Majors on training HPR dogs.  I quickly rushed to get the first DVD on to play.  It started off with buying a puppy and the very first steps in training including an introduction to whistle.  This drove Basso crazy he kept looking for who was giving all these commands.  So we thought it best to leave the rest of the set for another time and instead we would get dressed and take the dogs for a walk via the petrol station where we needed to fill up and get the newspaper so that I could do the crossword puzzle.  I piled the dogs into their cages in the car and off we set to the petrol station which is only some 500 yards from home.  It was fairly packed but we waited our turn and Mike got out to do the filling and get the paper.  Suddenly he opened the door and said "I just filled the car with petrol" not a problem you may think but it runs on diesel so it is a disaster.  OK the only thing I know is that whatever happens you mustn't start the car.  So I made a frantic phone call to green flag while he went and explained to the garage attendant what had happened.  Fortunately he was very nice about it and consoled Mike that a lady had done the same thing only last week and it would not be a problem we could just push the car out of the way while we waited for recovery.  Sadly the car has automatic transmission and the handbrake engages if you try to move it in neutral.  A safety feature I think, not to mention that the vehicle weighs some three tons.  At this point it was decided that the best option was to surround the car with cones so that no one else came in to that section.  Green flag had sent a recovery vehicle but of course it now being close to lunch time on Saturday the garages that could deal with the problem were closing and nothing could be done until Monday.  So while Mike waited with the car I unloaded the dogs and walked them back home via a quick fit garage who could not help, and made a call to Landrover.  Do you think I could find their number not on your life.  I rifled through Mikes un-filed paperwork and eventually found a piece of paper with their number and rang them.  They too could do nothing until Monday but told us we were welcome to have the vehicle recovered to them.  Not such a good idea as they are some 15 miles away.  This done I rang Mike to let him know but he had his phone switched off so I had to schlep it back up to the garage.  When I got there I remonstrated with him for having his phone off but he assured me it was just that his battery was flat.  NO it was turned off and he didn't know how to turn it on!!!!He hates mobiles and refuses to use his but this time I think the message may have sunk in that in an emergency he needs to be able to use it.  What if I had not been with him when this happened.  Anyway there we sat for an hour while we waited to be recovered - finally the lorry turned up and the car was winched up on the lorry and driven the few yards home where to our great good fortune our neighbours were out thus leaving a space big enough for the lorry to drop the car outside the house.  Mike breathed a sigh of relief and I put the oven on as the chicken still needed to be cooked.  I rang our friend who's party we were due to attend and explained the situation, she did offer to come and fetch us but I though neither of us were in the party mood as we both felt too traumatised to be sociable.  We eventually had lunch at about 4pm and both crashed out in bed for a rest until about 6pm - it was too soon for supper so we just had tea and some fruit.  Poor Mike was beside himself with recriminations and the only excuse he had was that the petrol pump had black tubing on all its pumps unlike the usual colour coding of green for the petrol and black for diesel.  Anyway I tried to reassure him that it was one mistake in 50 years of putting petrol and diesel into vehicle so not a bad record.  I was only delighted that it was not me that had done it, I can imagine how bad I would feel.
So what are we doing today?  I will have to ring green flag again and sort out for the car to be recovered from home to a garage and have the tank flushed out whether they take it to Landrover or some other garage is immaterial we just want it done as quickly and cheaply as possible. I can see the bill for this little misdemeanour flying up to the stratosphere.  In the mean time we have plenty of cold chicken to eat so we will not go hungry.  By the way the expensive chicken was very worth the price. To my surprise when it was done it was not sitting in a pool of fat which is the usual case with the cheaper birds and the flavour was definitely much better.
I think I will leave Mike to sleep as long as he can this morning as I am sure he has had a night of worry tossing and turning.  However he is going to get mobile phone lessons for the rest of this week in the hope that he will finally get to grips with his now that he finally realises how important it could be in an emergency......
Have a good day, I am going to try to!!!!!

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